What’s Going On: Lio, TWRP, Princess Superstar, José James, Triple One

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from Princess Superstar, TWRP, José James, Triple One, and a phenomenal track from AEW pro wrestler Lio Rush. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Lio – It truly seems that most athletes want to be artists and most artists wish they could be athletes, but very few people are able to master both. In a bit of a tie-in with Biff Bam Pop’s wrestling column Around The Loop, we’ve got the new single from recent AEW signee Lio Rush, who proves that he’s just as skilled behind the microphone as he is in the ring. The show-stealing professional wrestler dropped his new EP Not Found and “More Than That” leaps out as the obvious hit. Melodic and radio-ready, “More Than That” hooks listeners in right from the start. You might be skeptical about how good a wrestler’s venture into music could be, but definitely give it a chance. The music on Lio’s EP Not Found definitely isn’t a novelty.

Listen to Lio’s new single “More Than That” below.

TWRP – Just when the world needed them most, TWRP returned and announced the release date for their forthcoming album New & Improved. Due out on November 25th, New & Improved sees the band collaborating with luminaries such as Starcadian, Diamond Cafe, Magic Sword, Alex Moucala, and legendary Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The first taste of what to expect from the album is the lead-off single “Bright Blue Sky.” Doctor Sung, Lord Phobos, Commander Meouch, and Havve Hogan sound in top form on the triumphant slice of euphoric pop. If you can’t get enough, you can see TWRP out on the road starting November 26th in Buffalo, NY for their New & Improved tour with Rich Aucoin.

Listen to TWRP’s new single “Bright Blue Sky” below.

Princess Superstar – Music industry veteran Princess Superstar is out now with “Gettin’ Older (Pussy Still Pop!)”, her ode to aging and longevity. Having amassed a cult following with her enduring hits “Bad Babysitter” and “Perfect Exceeder” and worked with everyone from Kool Keith to The Prodigy, Princess Superstar has definitely left her stamp on the world of electronic music and frisky new single “Gettin’ Older (Pussy Still Pop!)” shows that she doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Princess Superstar says: “I wrote this song because I just turned 50 and realized there are zero songs about aging and being hot! Youth culture is the only thing that is really celebrated in our culture, so I wanted to reverse that and talk about how amazing it is to age.”

Listen to Princess Superstar’s new single “Gettin’ Older (Pussy Still Pop!)” below.

José James – Jazz superstar José James is spreading holiday cheer with Merry Christmas from José James, his first Christmas album. Among the covers of festive classics, there are two original songs. One of those new songs is “Christmas in New York”, which has gotten a music video that matches the warm smooth feeling of the track. Describing his new Christmas album, James says: “It’s the perfect album to put on whenever there’s a certain spirit in the air. I hope that people can feel a little bit of the joy and the wonder, year round, that 8-year-old José felt, not only about Christmas and all the obvious things—the ornaments, the tree, the holiday season—but also the music.”

Listen to José James’ new single “Christmas in New York” below.

Triple One – Australian rap is where it’s at and there’s no finer example than Triple One, the rap crew consisting of Marty Bugatti, Obi Ill Terrors, Lil Dijon, and Billy Gunns. While you definitely don’t want to mess with them, they are showing their softer side on their new single “Come Over.” Tailor-made for stadiums, you can already envision throngs of fans with their cell phone lights up in the air and swaying to the song. Discussing the song’s very tongue-in-cheek video, Marty Bugatti says: “I thought it would be interesting to take the very emotive/introspective song and juxtapose it against a typical pop/rap music video. The song touches on lost love and the monotonous cycle of living in excess and bad habits, whereas the video glorifies material possession.”

Listen to Triple One’s new single “Come Over” below.

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