Figure Friday: “Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Iceman”, “Marvel Legends Retro Collection Spider-Man 2099”

It’s a Figure Friday in LATE November which means we’re gearing up to stop talking about toys we’ve bought ourselves and start talking about toys we should buy for others! I must say that I have once again been forced to reevaluate my position on the Marvel Legends line…and it may not be for the better.

Let’s get it.

Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Iceman

We’ll start it off with the good!

Iceman is a figure that I pre-ordered some months ago and it came in surprisingly fast. As I’ve written about previously, a lot of my toy collecting has shifted towards preorders over the last couple of years. It’s a sure fire way to get that figure you’re after without having to drive between every Target and Walmart in the tri-county area. That being said, sometimes the figure you pre-order ends up being a peg warmer. I’ve been to a couple of stores this last week that have had, no lie, at least a dozen Icemans (Icemen?) on the shelves. All part of the game, no matter how much it’ll kill me to see these reduced to clearance prices in the next few months.

The figure itself is fantastic. I am an absolute sucker for translucent figures, thanks in part to my fascination with the Saga of Crystar toys from the early ’80s (see also the original Tron figures). Something about the presentation catapults them from normal action figure to “shiny object that must be possessed.” Iceman is no different, molded in brilliant blue translucent plastic he’s depicted in his Age of Apocalypse look.

I have no great attachment to this version of the character since the AoA storyline took place at a time when I briefly wasn’t reading comics. Listen, it’s tough to get to the comic shop when you’re a high school kid with no car. This version of Iceman just looks cool (booooo) and I gravitated towards the original Toy Biz toy so it was no question that I would be picking up this one 25-plus years later.

Iceman comes with an interchange set of hands and a build-a-figure piece for the AoA Colossus (an arm with swappable hands). There’s not too much more I can ask out of this figure beyond what it already is. The alternate hands are dynamic and easily swappable, the frosted paint application is appropriately sparse, and all the joints of the figure are nice and tight. No complaints on this one!

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Retro Collection Spider-Man 2099

Now on to the complaints.

I was so, SO stoked to get this figure only to be let down by a manufacturing goof. More on that in a moment. Spider-Man 2099 is…a Spider-Man from the year 2099. More accurately, Marvel decided to introduce a whole slew of characters in 1992 that were reimagining of what they would be like in about a hundred years time. This Spider-Man (Miguel O’Hara under the mask) has the dubious distinction of being the only one that worked in my opinion. Further supporting my claim, Spider-Man 2099 is the only character that stuck around after Marvel torpedoed the entire 2099 line, getting his own new comic in recent years AND making a cameo in the post-credits sequence of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse.

This figure is a slight repaint of a previously released Spider-Man 2099 figure and is part of the ongoing Spider-Man Classics line. I had missed the initial release since it was incredibly difficult to find at retail and once figures are gone now…they are GONE. Secondary market prices for the previous release were astronomical so I was grateful for a chance to order this version.


My preorder arrived and once I got the figure out of the package I noticed that there was large gap running down the side of the figure’s torso. The front and back of the figure were not connecting and when I flipped the figure over I noticed it had…back abs.

Damn bro, you been working out?

Yes, due to a manufacturing goof the figure was assembled with two front pieces. Aside from looking silly it also hinders the torso movement of the figure due to its incorrect assembly. Crestfallen, I reached out to the retailer I had ordered it through to see if I could exchange it for a new one. Due to ongoing supply chain issues they didn’t have a replacement to send me but they DID refund my purchase price before I could even ask which was amazing customer service. They advised I could place another preorder for the next wave of incoming product and I may do just that.

Up top I mentioned that I would be reevaluating my position on the Marvel Legends figures and, as of now, two of the last three I’ve purchased have been total duds. The What If…? Spidey I bought a month ago had the horribly misprinted face, gummy knees, and flaking paint which was a total drag. At present I have a few more Marvel Legends on order that I’m taking a long, hard look at to decide if I really want them.

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  1. That’s a shame about the Spidey 2099 figure. I hope you can eventually find a good figure.

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