From the House of Ideas: Quick Takes on “Alien #8”, “Venom #1”, “The Thing #1”

I would like, if I may, to take you a quick run through of three solid titles that came out of Marvel Comics. Two of them are debut issues, while the other is another instalment of an ongoing series.

Let me start there, with Alien #8, the second issue of the current story arc set on the moon settlement Euridice. The inhabitants, who had colonized the planet, are now facing off with a Xenomorph that had been on a ship that crash landed in the previous issue. Without question, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Salvador Larroca continue to hit home run and home run with this series. The writing is tight, and the artwork is suitable bloody and Alien-esque. As previously mentioned, anyone worrying that falling under the Marvel brand would somehow dilute Alien in any way, shape, or form need not panic. Kennedy and Larroca’s Alien run continues to be be a must-read, visceral experience for fans.

On a slightly less violent note, we also saw the release of Venom #1, the first issue under the auspices of writers Al Ewing and Ram V. Working with the always excellent Bryan Hitch, the writing duo here pick up from where Donny Cates’ previous work left off, with Eddie Brock now the God of the Symbiotes, mentally connecting to all them and working to be a hero and a dad to his son, Dylan. However, it’s not going to be easy, as there are all sorts of enemies and obstacles battling again Brock and the Symbiotes. If you haven’t read the King in Black miniseries and kept up with the various Venom stories from the last few years, you might initially be confused with some of what’s happening in this issue. However, it’s clear that Ewing and Ram V are working to build out the Venom mythology, and with the Hitch’s great artwork popping, now’s a good time to hop on board (and go back and read the King in Black mini while you’re at it!)

Finally, if you want something that’s easily accessible featuring a classic character, pick up The Thing #1, written by Walter Mosley and illustrated by Tom Reilly. While Ben Grimm may not be wrestling anybody like he did in his classic ongoing 1980s series (not yet, anyway!), this mini-series puts the character front and centre, beginning with an issue that does a strong job melding classic FF drama with some horror and romance. In this first issue, The Thing deals with jealousy issues stemming from his romance with Alicia Masters while also carrying with him what appears to be some sort of demonic curse. Throw in appearances from his fellow FFers and the heroic Hercules, and you’ve got a fun first issue featuring gorgeous, Francesco Francavilla-esque artwork from Reilly.

Lots to choose from, all of of them solid reads, so go forth a purchase!

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