‘King In Black’ Concludes With A Strong Shift Forward For Venom

The last few month have seen the massive King In Black storyline crossing over to multiple Marvel books, as our heroes went up against the symbiote god Knull and massive forces of symbiote dragons. In the words of of Spinal Tap, “How much more black could it be?”

And of course, the answer is simply “None more black.”

King In Black was one of the darker storylines of recent Marvel times, both figuratively and literally. I don’t recall seeing the sun at all through the mini-series and the crossovers (perhaps there’s a reason I’m forgetting), but I’m not complaining in the least. The colour palette was actually quite refreshing for me, especially coming off the recent Empyre event, which was very brightly lit, even though much of it did occur in space. There’s something I appreciate when Marvel leans into horror and darkness that I just seem to enjoy, and King In Black delivered that nicely.

While the tie-in issues I’ve read were all very, very good (with King In Black: Captain America being particularly strong), the main action was going down in two titles: Venom and the King In Black mini-series. The former even went so far as to explore the psyche of a dead Eddie Brock, while ultimately bringing him back in a new form of Venom to lay hands against Knull in their final confrontation, aided and abetted, mind you, by both Mjolnir and Toomee (look it up, if you don’t know what that is). The winner of said battle, well, you can make the correct assumption, I bet, while the repercussions of both it and the series as a whole open up whole new and unique storyline for the character of Venom.

I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly invested or even interested in Venom as a character, regardless of who’s hosting the symbiote. That’s why I’m genuinely impressed with the storyline spearheaded by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman (along with Iabn Coello in the Venom book). I looked forward to reading every issue of King In Black and Venom when they appeared, and left me curious to see what happens in the world of Venom next. The wait won’t be long, as Venom #200 arrives next month and sets the new course for the character.

We can’t wait.

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