What’s Going On: Radiohead, Elton John & Charlie Puth, Sinitta, Kym Mazelle & Junior Giscombe, Oh Wonder, Soda State

We’re kind of all over the place in this week’s instalment of What’s Going On. There’s some new-ish stuff from Radiohead, a gaggle of ’80s stars getting together to cover a hit from 1981, and a beautiful duet between Elton John and Charlie Puth. Plus, the latest from Soda State and Oh Wonder. As always, if you like what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Radiohead – As part of the upcoming Kid A Mnesia reissue project due out on November 5th, Radiohead dropped a brand new music video for their new single “If You Say The Word.” Kid A Mnesia consists of the albums Kid A and Amnesiac as well as Kid Amnesiae (a collection of unreleased material) and Kid Amnesiette (a collection of B-sides). “If You Say The Word” is a previously unreleased track and definitely doesn’t sound like a cast-off. Atmospheric, lush and haunting in all the best ways, “If You Say The Word” sounds like Radiohead at their best.  If that’s not enough for you, stay tuned for the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition presented by Radiohead and Epic Games via Sony’s PlayStation Showcase this November.

Check out the new music video for Radiohead’s “If You Say The Word” below.

Elton John & Charlie Puth – The latest release from Elton John’s The Lockdown Sessions collaborations album sees the veteran artist teaming up with Charlie Puth. A stark departure from the dance banger of  “Cold Heart” with Dua Lipa, “After All” is a gorgeous ballad that instantly stands out as a highlight in Elton John’s more recent discography. Speaking of his admiration for Sir Elton, Charlie Puth says: “As a songwriter, I have admired and looked up to Elton John my entire life. It is truly incredible how the melodies and chords seem to come to him instantly whenever he sits down at the piano. I got to witness that firsthand when we wrote this song together.”

Listen to Elton John’s new single “After All” with Charlie Puth below.

Sinitta, Kym Mazelle & Junior Giscombe – It’s always a special treat to see ’80s artists still out there releasing great new material. Sinitta, Kym Mazelle, and Junior Giscombe have gotten together to cover The Jacksons’ classic “Can You Feel It” for the Re-Discovered covers album. Re-Discovered sees ’80s stars that were big in the UK market tackling their favourite songs that influenced them growing up. Their take on “Can You Feel It” is largely pretty faithful to the original, but gets an added dose of camp thanks to Sinitta injecting a verse from Madonna’s “Material Girl” into the mix. Discussing the cover, Sinitta says: “It’s all in the lyrics. Can you feel it now, the whole world’s coming together now’….and we are. After the pandemic months of being apart, there’s a real vibe across the UK that people are learning how to be with each other again. We wanted to express that in song.”

Listen to Sitta, Kym Mazelle & Junior Giscombe’s new cover of “Can You Feel It” below.

Oh Wonder – UK pop duo Oh Wonder shocked their fans with the surprise announcement of their new album 22 Break, due out on October 8th. 22 Break explores the tumultuous period of Oh Wonder’s Anthony and Josephine’s relationship, exacerbated by the pandemic and a 120-date world tour. This first single from the new album is the title track, a rousing tune that explores how both parties play a role in heartbreak. Reflecting on the making of the album, Anthony says: “It was such a weird thing, to make a break-up album with the person you’re breaking up with, while you’re breaking up.” It’s not every day that you get a break-up album that ultimately results in a marriage and that’s a hell of a hook to get you intrigued for       

Listen to Oh Wonder’s new single “22 Break” below.

Soda State – There’s a hot new electronic group on the scene and they want to shock you with their new single. M & Tracie make up the duo Soda State. Inspired by such luminaries as Digitalism, Cassius, Kavinsky, Boys Noize, and Gesaffelstein, it’s no surprise that Soda State’s new single “Electrified” instantly takes you back to a particular era in time. From their sound to the throwback aesthetics in their visuals, Soda State has one foot clearly planted in classic ’90s dance while still keeping very much in line with modern electronic music. If you close your eyes and listen closely to “Electrified”, you’ll be transported to the dance floors of Ibiza circa 1995 and I don’t think Soda State would have it any other way.

Listen to Soda State’s new single “Electrified” below.

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