What’s Going On: X Ambassadors, Skepta, Wendy James, CimplyDan, Dermot Kennedy

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another instalment of What’s Going On. This week, I’ve got the latest from X Ambassadors and Cimply Dan, as well as great songs from artists across the pond such as Wendy James, Dermot Kennedy and Skepta. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

X Ambassadors – World renowned rockers X Ambassadors announced the release date for their forthcoming album The Beautiful Liar, due out September 24 and dropped their latest single “Okay.” The follow-up to the band’s dark and moody track “My Own Monster”, “Okay” is deep and beautiful. But even more impressive is the self-directed performance video with it’s cinematic feel. On the meaning behind the new song, lead vocalist Sam Harris says: “Life is unpredictable. Things happen that are out of control all the time. We all are living in a constant state of uncertainty. And yet… I say it all the time. ‘Everything’s gonna be okay.’”

Listen to X Ambassadors’ new single “Okay” below.

Skepta – Let’s talk “Nirvana.” No, not the 90s grunge band but British rapper Skepta’s new single featuring J Balvin. The first release from Skepta’s new All In EP is inspired by the time Skepta spent in Latin America and you can totally hear that in the song’s distinctly tropical flair. It’s refreshing to hear the UK rap superstar over something that sounds so different than what we’re used to from him. Describing his new material, Skepta says: “This music isn’t for people to download and discuss. It’s music to feel when I perform it live, music for people to celebrate with their friends.”

Listen to Sketpa’s new single “Nirvana” featuring J Balvin below.

Wendy James – Wendy James, frontman of late-80s band Transvision Vamp, is out now with her new single “The Impression of Normalcy.” Ferocious, thrashing and loud, “The Impression of Normalcy” proves that Wendy hasn’t lost a step. 2020 saw a lot of tour plans be halted, including the tour in support of Wendy’s album QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT but fear not, her 28-day UK tour commences on August 26. The tour promises to be can’t-miss with Wendy James proclaiming: “Not only are we celebrating a return to live venues, we are celebrating my No.16 album QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT, and also a different set list every night, from Transvision Vamp through all my albums!” 

Listen to Wendy James’ new single “The Impression of Normalcy” below.

CimplyDan – Florida-based rapper-singer-songwriter CimplyDan is bringing the good vibes on “South Side Livin’”, his new single. With outside opening back up, “South Side Livin’” is the perfect breezy hip-hop song for enjoying the dog days of summer. The Persian performer imbues his music with this perspective, point of view and sense of humour. Explaining on his social media how he approaches his music, CimplyDan says: “It’s an easy way for me to clear my thoughts, I’m just venting my life in a song, & sharing my experiences with the world.” Can’t wait to hear what CimplyDan does next!

Listen to CimplyDan’s new single “

Dermot Kennedy – Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is winning the hearts of fans around the world with his brand of evocative pop and his new single “Better Days” is only going to further that. Produced by Dan Nigro, who is currently ruling the charts with his work with Olivia Rodrigo and featuring a Gaelic choir, “Better Days” is a surefire anthem to build people up. On his goal for “Better Days”, Dermot Kennedy says: “As an artist, I feel somewhat responsible to try to make people feel a little better, whether that’s making them think of someone they love, or just taking their mind off their problems for the length of a song. So this is my contribution to hopefully providing some people with a moment’s solace. Better days will come.”

Listen to Dermot Kennedy’s new single “Better Days” below.

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