What’s Going On: Paul Weller, Soleil, Encore, Bronze Avery, Zach Zoya

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from Bronze Avery, Zach Zoya, Soleil, Encore, and a bonkers new Pet Shop Boys remix of a Paul Weller track. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Paul Weller – Back in May, “The Modfather” Paul Weller dropped his sixteenth studio album Fat Pop (Volume 1) and now he’s out with a hot new remix of his track “Cosmic Fingers.” While they are best known for their own music, there’s nothing quite like a Pet Shop Boys remix and they turned “Cosmic Fingers” into what Weller describes as: “an epic 12-minute HI-NRG remix, a thumping fuzzing disco banger.” Yes, it’s over 12 minutes long but it never feels tedious, rather it’s taking a dose of audio ecstasy. And if that’s not enough, there’s also an equally transformative remix courtesy of Primal Scream’s Andrew Innes.

Listen to the Pet Shop Boys remix of Paul Weller’s “Cosmic Fringes” below.

Soleil – Miami-based singer-songwriter Soleil is here to brighten up your day with her new single “Loves to Blame.” A soulful upbeat blend of pop and R&B, “Loves to Blame” keeps you hooked all the way through. In a perfect world, this song would be the breakout moment for Soleil – time will tell! Explaining what her new single is all about, Soleil says: “”Loves To Blame” is about how love affects people. “When you’re into someone, you start accommodating your life, so that you can fit the other person into your schedule.” We’ve all been there.

Listen to Soleil’s new single “Loves to Blame” below.

Encore – Winnipeg duo Encore won a lot of fans over last year with their song “Tell Me” and now they’re back with their new single “In My Head.” With influences ranging from Queen and the Rolling Stones to The Weeknd, the Plant brothers (Donald and Richard) blend pop, hip hop, and rock in a fresh way on “In My Head.” On what inspired “In My Head”, Encore states: “”In My Head” is about the reflection of memories and recognition of how certain things can remain with us for a long time. When you think back, it becomes clear that even though time goes on, that person or specific memory stays with you and continues to play a part in your mind.”

Listen to Encore’s new single “In My Head” below.

Bronze Avery – Rising pop artist Bronze Avery is out now with “Happy With Nothing”, his new collaboration with Glee alum Kevin McHale. It’s not often that we get a duet between two out-gay pop artists, so this is a special treat. The euphoric upbeat pop track is the ultimate post-breakup anthem. Speaking on the writing process, Bronze Avery says: “I wrote Happy With Nothing in a stream of consciousness — Happy With Nothing is a positive outlook on the worst kind of breakup. It’s when you finally find a place of peace and are ready to move on from an unfulfilling situation.”

Listen to Bronze Avery’s new single “Happy With Nothing” ft. Kevin McHale below.

Zach Zoya – Singer, songwriter, rapper, Montreal superstar Zach Zoya can do it all and now he’s out with his brand new single “Understand.” The breezy hip hop tune reflects on the nomadic artist’s lifestyle that Zoya led before being grounded by the pandemic. It’s by no means a downer as the multi-talented Montrealer’s signature melodies keep things light. Explaining further, Zach Zoya says: “The excitement of never knowing where you’re going next or what’s going to happen, who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to experience – that chaotic pace can make you feel so alive.”

Listen to Zach Zoya’s new single “Understand” below.

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