Heroes & Villains: ‘Compass’, ‘Save Yourself!’

Well, time to crank out another golden edition of Heroes & Villains. Let’s check the tweets and see what’s happening on the Internet, if I get lucky maybe there will be some big comics news.

Oh, Batman is trending…maybe something about the new The Batman movie or some other big news and…Oh. Oh my…What do you mean Batman doesn’t do that? I thought we all agreed to do that at the annual summit in 1980? I mean, why else would his mask not cover his mouth?

If I had to venture a guess for comics characters that don’t I’d pick Cyclops and Reed Richards. Can someone get Kevin Smith on the line?

Anyways. Comics.


Compass #1
David Walker & Robert Mackenzie (W)
Justin Greenwood (A)
Image Comics

Since there’s no way to segue safely from the last topic to this book, here’s the blurb:

Shahidah El-Amin is many things: scholar, cartographer, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, explorer, adventurer, and—when need be—two-fisted fighter. Setting out from Baghdad’s legendary House of Wisdom during the Islamic Golden Age, Shahi’s quest brings her to 13th-century Britain…where the Welsh are whispered to possess the secret of eternal life. But Shahi’s not the only one after it…

I liked Compass a whole hell of a lot, it’s a great adventure story that left my swashes thoroughly buckled. The book had a nice, pulp adventure feel to it despite not being set during the traditional pulp era of the 30’s and 40’s. Plus, the addition of having a female Islamic protagonist gave the book a fresh spin that really got its hooks into me.

There’s also a lot of good back matter to Compass which is an added bonus. I always enjoy getting a greater insight into the creative process. Compass is a 5-issue mini-series and I would not be surprised if we end up seeing more of Shahidah El-Amin in future adventures.

Save Yourself

Save Yourself! #1
Bones Leopard (W)
Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews (A)
Boom! Box

I was lucky enough to get an advance peek at this book that’s also out today. Annnnd blurb me!:

What if Magical Girls weren’t Earth’s champions at all? Aoe, Thel, and Gen, better known as the Lovely Trio, first burst onto the scene five years ago when they saved Earth from a surprise space monster attack! Since then, everyone, including Gigi, whose brother died as a bystander in a Lovely Trio battle, idolizes them as superheroic pop icons. But when Gigi witnesses the Lovely Trio battling a monster firsthand, she sees something that causes her to question everything she thought she ever knew about her heroes! A magical new series from the team behind Pandora’s Legacy, writer Bones Leopard (Identical) and artists Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Just Beyond), that’s perfect for fans of Sailor Moon and Wynd.

First things first, Bones Leopard is the dopest name I’ve ever encountered. Even if Save Yourself! wasn’t good, they’d still have a fan for life over here. LUCKILY, the preview I got a chance to check out was fantastic and the art was spectacular as well. I’m glad Boom! (and by extension Boom! Box) is publishing stuff like this. One can not subsist on superhero books alone someone once said. It was me. I said that.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the rest of Save Yourself!…and you should too!

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