Gilbert Speaks on T+E’s ‘Web of Darkness’

I love horror, but I hold a special place in my heart for the old-fashioned kind of horror. The kind that you tell around a campfire. Web of Darkness pays homage to the classic horror tales that keep you up at night, and this makes Granny a happy camper.

Web of Darkness

Web of Darkness is a T+E original series which is premiering on June 8 at 10 pm ET/PT. This horror/sci-fi anthology offers five short vignettes in each episode. Each vignette is narrated by people reliving their horrifying tales, be it with ghosts or aliens. I was fortunate to review the first episode, ‘Not So Scary, Now, Are You?’

The first vignette centers around an urban emergency room. The hospital staff is puzzled when the police bring in two women who have suffered some sort of trauma which has left them in shock. It isn’t long before the staff realize that they are dealing with a widespread infection…that is very contagious. The second vignette deals with a farmer’s attempts to stop crows from attacking his crops. His using an old scarecrow in the back of the barn might not be the wisest thing to do. The third vignette, offers us a tale about aliens that reminds me of the X-Files, with the fourth and fifth vignettes serving up a ghostly delicacy of frights and chills with a haunted theatre and a haunted mansion.


Web of Darkness is produced by Saloon Media and Blue Ant Studios in partnership with U.S. based My Entertainment. Michael Kot, Betty Orr, Julie Chang, Joe Townley and Michael Yudin serve as Executive Producers with Paul KIlback and Tara Elwood serving as Series Producers. Web of Darkness can also be watched on the Discovery Channel. If you remember the thrill of campfire ghost stories, then you don’t want to miss watching this original series.

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