Figure Friday: Infinity Saga Nano Gauntlet, Lazy Cat, Tron

Another fortnight has come and gone so it’s time for another Figure Friday. I’m writing this one extremely late on Thursday night but lucky for me it’s going to be a snap…

Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends The Infinity Saga Nano Gauntlet

See what I did there?

With the release of this gauntlet Marvel Legends has released every possible variant of the Infinity Gauntlet used in the MCU. There’s the O.G. Thanos gauntlet, the larger one that The Hulk used and finally this version that was used by Tony Stark when…he…nope, still too soon. Must hold back the tears.

As the proud owner of a Captain America shield I can safely say that the Marvel Legends line of prop replicas are great entry level pieces into any collector’s…collection. By this point in the lifecycle of the line if you’ve collected every single piece they’ve released you’ll have a virtual arsenal of fictional weapons.

The Nano Gauntlet features lights and sounds along with removable Infinity Stones. The stock photos of the prop replica also show that the fingers are flexible enough so that you yourself can mimic “the snap” and either wipe out or bring back half the universe.

From a prop nerd perspective I’m curious how this thing scales with it’s film counterpart. The Captain America shield is a 1:1 replica along with other items in the line but I have a feeling this may be slightly larger than Tony Stark’s actual arm.

I must warn you, reader, that once you begin prop collecting, forever will it dominate your destiny. As I mentioned above, I do have the ML Cap shield but I recently decided that I need an actual metal version for authenticity’s sake. Finding a shield-smith online has proved quite difficult with my initial Google search since a lot of the seem to be Etsy or eBay pages based out of China so there’s an excellent chance the final product may not be quite what you had in mind.

There was a domestic shield-smith I found but his shields are all 27-inches in diameter when the actual shield is 24-inches. It may not sound like a lot but three inches matter.

Which is also what I tell whomever I happen to be dating.

Lazy Cat 4.0 1/6 Scale Figure by JxK Studio

It’s been a spell since I’ve featured such an abjectly weird figure or series of figures like the Lazy Cats. Listen, I get that they’re meant for dioramas and such and I recognize how well sculpted and detailed they are.

How incredibly detailed.

The cat is sculpted in a sitting pose with one leg straight up in the air, his cat balls proudly on display. Try as you might, you simply cannot look away from the cats fuzzy testicles. Every aspect of the figure’s sculpt is designed to draw your eye RIGHT THERE.

It sure is a thing that exists. I won’t be buying one since I can see that at home for free everyday.

Tron Select SDCC 2021 Exclusive by Diamond Select

I love both Tron movies and I am endlessly fascinated that it’s some how a valuable Disney IP in every aspect BUT film and TV. I saw the original in the theater at a very young age and then waited almost 30 years for the (underrated) sequel and even enjoyed the Disney Channel cartoon prequel that bridged the gap between the two.

But even though those didn’t quite take off like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies did, Disney has continued to pump out Tron mercy for the small but loyal fan base. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney will make money of anything and everything they can and I’m not complaining since it benefits me directly.

The question NOW is exactly how much DO I love Tron? Is it $80 + shipping and handling? I’m not sure but the fact that Diamond Select is doing Tron variants that are cast in the same translucent plastic as the toys I had in 1982 is making that a very real question I have to ask myself.

For the sake of my savings account I hope these figures see single carded releases so that I can pick up one or two for my shelf and better justify the purchase to the adult portion of my brain that cares about my mortgage and saving for retirement.

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