Biff Bam Pop Kids! Presents In The Game: New Pokémon Snap

For a few nights, the Biff Bam Pop! Princess just couldn’t sleep. Why not, you may ask? It’s because she was so excited for the release of New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch.

The game, a reboot of a title that was first found on the Nintendo 64 years and years ago , is already a big sales hit, and for my Nintendo-loving progeny, it’s another successful release.

Andy Burns: Alright kid. Why were you so eager for the release of New Pokémon Snap?

BBP Princess: Because I like Pokémon, and taking pictures is fun!

Andy Burns: Back up, back up. For me, and for your readers, you’ve got to explain what the game is all about.

BBP Princess: The game is about taking pictures for Professor Mirror and Rita, who is his assistant. You have to take photos of Pokémon because you have to try to find a special Meganium, which is a glowy, giant, rare Pokémon.

Andy Burns: Who do you play as?

BBP Princess: You get to choose your character’s name and how they look. I named my character Kei Kensa, which is named after my Splatoon character. Once you’re done making your character, you meet Professor Mirror and Rita and they tell you to start taking pictures.

Andy Burns: Is there any combat? Fights?

BBP Princess: No, it’s just taking pictures. It’s unlike past Pokémon games.

Andy Burns: Oh! So then how is New Pokémon Snap different from other Pokémon games?

BBP Princess: You don’t really have Pokémon battles, you just have to get the best photos. You examine the poses of certain Pokémon. You have to see how many different Pokemon are in a photo; you consider their pose and whether Professor Mirror will think it’s a good shot.

Andy Burns: What makes a good shot?

BBP Princess: It’s things like “is this an impressive pose that a Pokémon is doing?” A good pose is where, for instance, a Caterpie is spinning on the tip of its tail. This shot is hard to find so if you get it, you’ll get more points for the photo.

Andy Burns: What’s the ultimate goal?

BBP Princess: To fill your photo decks with multiple photos, get the most points you can, and to finally solve the mystery of the Meganium.

Andy Burns: So how do you win or lose?

BBP Princess: You have to get the best score from Professor Mirror on photos overall.

Andy Burns: What do you like about this game, you’ve been playing it quite a bit.

BBP Princess: I like how you can take photos of Pokémon however you want and you can edit them. You can add stickers to them.

Andy Burns: Is this a game that newcomers would enjoy or do you think it’s more for fans who are already into Pokémon.

BBP Princess: I think people who are new to the series should start with Pokémon Sword or Shield to see what the main kind of games are like, but still get New Pokémon Snap so that they can learn the names of all the Pokémon.

Andy Burns: So overall, what do you think of New Pokémon Snap?

BBP Princess: I really like this game, and I think people should get it. Oh, and you can turn off motion controls, which is very important.

And there you have it! Enjoy New Pokémon Snap if you pick it up, and get ready because it’s going to be a busy Spring and Summer for Nintendo fans, with Miitopia, Mario Golf, and Fall Guys on the way.

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