The Week in Horror: Psycho Goreman, King Kong vs Godzilla, Delays

Happy Monday, fiends! I hope you’re all doing well out there. Welcome back to another installment of your weekly high lights of horror news from the week. As of today, there is no bigger news than huge splash made by the release of Legendary’s trailer for King Kong vs Godzilla!

Coming to theaters and HBO Max on March 26th, the titanic throw down between the two most iconic giant monsters looks like its going to be fun as hell. The first time Godzilla and Kong went toe to toe was back in 1963. It was a Japanese production and in it Godzilla came out on top, but a Kong victory was filmed for the US release. It was a goofy, but entertaining film. This new version is directed by You’re Next/The Guest director, Adam Wingard.

Psycho Goreman from director Steven Kostanski, who also directed The Void, is now streaming and this wild mash up of family friendly ET-like story, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and total gore fest is a total blast and the first great film of 2021. Check out the trailer here, or just get your ass in front of your TV, now!

In release delay news…A Quiet Place II and Morbius have been pushed back to later this year and early next year respectively. Fuck you Covid, but also, come on studios, theaters aren’t coming back any time soon, we all miss them, and we will return to them, but in the mean time…streaming services are our friends!

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