In the Game: All Elite Wrestling Announces the First Titles for AEW Games!

It’s no secret that the founding members of All Elite Wrestling, the group known as The Elite, are massive video game fans. Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes have all shown their love for gaming in various ways since AEW’s launch last year.

Aubrey Edwards, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and Britt Baker did their best Steve Jobs impressions for this announcement

Who could forget Omega’s entrance as Sans from Undertale?

Or the Bucks (and Omega again) as Ryu, Ken, and Akuma from Street Fighter?

All this set expectations very high for the inevitable AEW video game that would have the tough job of appeasing both wrestling game fanatics and casual fans. Well, AEW had been promoting an announcement about their game today at 6pm EST, and they revealed not one, not two, but three games under the AEW Games umbrella! Here’s what we found out.


You’ll remember Yukes as the developer of many of the most beloved wrestling games of the last 30 years. The Osaka-based developer created the Smackdown franchise for WWE, produced the incredible Here Comes The Pain (2003), Day Of Reckoning (2004), and worked with WWE on it’s annual titles from 2000 to 2018. After that year, Yukes split with publisher 2K, expressing frustrations that it couldn’t keep up with WWE’s annual release schedule and the pressures that came with it.

AEW has enlisted, not just the Yukes team, but legendary game developer Hideyuki Iwashita, creator of legendary wrestling titles like WWF No Mercy and the Def Jam games, to work on their new console title. At the launch event, AEW showed off some early footage of this as-yet-untitled game. From this early footage, it looks like the game has a slightly exaggerated aesthetic, something like 2011’s WWE All Stars. The trailer showed a demo match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, until a somewhat surprising third entrant comes in. It’s early footage, but it sounds very promising.

You can watch the trailer right here:


AEW ELITE General Manager is a game designed for mobile devices (Android and iOS) which sounds like it’ll let you book cards and events for the AEW roster. Clearly drawing on the success of games like the long-running Total Extreme Wrestling series, it puts Tony Khan’s booking power in the hands of gamers – literally. Here’s what AEW says about this title:



Developed by Crystallized Games, AEW Elite GM is the evolution of the GM simulator genre, taking the strategic elements of simulation and fantasy games to create a competitive and engaging space for the wrestling community to take part in. By incorporating the expanding AEW brand, AEW Elite GM serves as a celebration of wrestling as a whole. Fans take on the role of General Manager, who is responsible for managing a roster of AEW wrestlers, booking matches, and running the show in order to generate revenue, new fans and effects on wrestlers’ stamina and morale.


AEWs third game offering is a casino suite of games, also designed for mobile devices that includes poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette. Here’s what AEW released about it:

Developed by KamaGames, winner of the ‘Best Social Gaming Operator at the EGR North America Awards 2020’, AEW Casino: Double or Nothing features AEW-branded versions of slots, blackjack, poker and roulette, along with AEW music, sounds, videos, wrestler virtual avatars, gift packs and more.


TOURNAMENTS – Master your poker skills! Participate in WEEKLY Sit’n’Go and Shootout tournaments, where you can WIN unique AEW trophies or millions of chips and top our Leaderboard!

PLAY AGAINST THE CASINO – Try your luck at unique poker modes. Challenge the dealer in Split bet poker and Set poker!

MULTI-TABLE TOURNAMENTS (MTT) – The most popular offline tournaments are now available online! Play at several tables with lots of worthy competitors and reach the final table!

WIN BIG – Players can win REAL AEW merchandise and prizes in special tournaments and sweepstakes!

While it might not have been long on details like, say, release dates of any of this (other than “this winter” for the Casino title), AEW Games definitely overdelivered in their first announcement. We’ll have more from these titles as they’re released, but until then, you can check out the whole press event right here:

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