The Week in Horror: Never Hike in the Snow, Worst Case Scenario, Eibon Press

Welcome back to your weekly roundup of the biggest news in horrordom, fiends! I hope you’re all keeping your sanity out there. We’ve entered the Halloween season so I’m sure you’re all planning, if not already watching your slate of Halloween viewing. I have a couple of suggestions for you-something old and something new.

First up, from 1991, directed by Mark Herrer, is Popcorn. Now, this movie doesn’t seem to be streaming anywhere, but the special edition Blu-ray from Synapse is still available for about $20. This movie is a lot of fun and criminally underrated. Its a bit of a mash up of Phantom of the Opera and The Wax Mask, set in a movie theater during an all night horror movie marathon. (I’m watching this tonight!)

Set in Venezuela, El Vampiro del Lago aka The Lake Vampire is a brilliant slow-burn mystery that unravels around multiple generations dealing with a rash of similar murders that may all be committed by the same man. I absolutely fell in love with this movie and found it totally engrossing. There were elements that reminded me of True Detective season one. Check’em out to add a little flavour outside of the norm!

You guys know I love Eibon Press, they’re amazing, releasing a slew of comics based on Lucio Fulci’s films, as well as some original titles, but they’ve also tackled William Lustig’s Maniac, turning an already notorious story into an even more harrowing splatter fest! Now that the three issue mini series has ended and the sequel is forthcoming, they’ve released a special edition collection and you know they do right by their fans! But, this set is LIMITED, so act fast!

And speaking of comics, hands up if you’ve seen the excellent Frankenstein’s Army! That film took years to complete and went through some major changes before it was finally released by Dark Sky Films. Originally, the film was supposed to be called Worst Case Scenario, and only existed as two teaser trailers and some concept art. The film was scaled down and turned into a found footage World War II film, when it was supposed to be set in modern times. Well, director Richard Raaphorst has revived the original concept as a graphic novel! Click HERE to get the full story and to find out how to get your very own copy!

Finally, along with the HUGE news about Scream Factory’s giant Friday the 13th box set, Womp Stomp Films has released the highly anticipated trailer to their follow up to their excellent F13 fan film, Never Hike AloneNever Hike in the Snow is a prequel to Alone and is set in the winter, which F13 fans have been clamoring for for years! Check it out!

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