The Week in Horror: From a Buick 8, Army of the Dead + More

Happy Monday, fiends!

From A Buick 8

Now, I’m pretty far behind on most Stephen King post-Insomnia, which is a fairly old book at this point, so I have not read From a Buick 8. So why am I excited about a film adaptation? Because the director of We Are What We Are and Stake Land, not to mention the three seasons of Hap and Leonard, Jim Mickle, will be helming the film!

 “From a Buick 8 is a novel about our fascination with deadly things, about our insistence on answers when there are none, about terror and courage in the face of the unknowable.”

Um, its about another haunted car, right? Cool!

So, comedian Chris D’Elia was recently hit was sexual harassment allegations, and it looks serious enough that director Zack Snyder has removed him from the cast of Army of the Dead and replaced him with a funnier comedian, Tig Notaro. This will involve reshoots for the already complete Netflix film. Army of the Dead is a heist movie during a zombie outbreak. In case you don’t know or forgot, before his DC films, Snyder made a huge splash with his excellent remake of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl came back this past Friday for a double feature sleep over special of The Last Drive-In with Slumber Party Massacre 2 and Victor Crowley. Really fun episode, even if the first film is one of the biggest head scratchers of the 80s. It featured guests Felissa Rose, Adam Green, Kane Hodder, and Tiffany Sheppis.

This is super cool, The Nightstream Film Fest Collective is some of the best film fests in the country teaming up for a huge virtual event…

“The Boston Underground Film Festival, which usually takes place every March at the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, was forced to abruptly cancel their 22nd annual event due to the pandemic. Popcorn Frights Film Festival, the largest genre film festival in Southeast US, postponed their 2020 edition that was originally slated to take place this month in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Having previously been postponed for this year, the Pacific Northwest destination event North Bend Film Festival was originally set to take place this month in the famed Twin Peaks town near Seattle, WA. The Overlook Film Festival, which annually programs a celebrated slate of horror cinema alongside live performance and interactive events, postponed their upcoming edition, which had been planned for late May in New Orleans. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, which specializes in cinema that pushes horror’s boundaries, will move its planned fifth edition up by one week with this transition to virtual.

NIGHTSTREAM will be geo-locked to the U.S. and hosted on Eventive, which offers enhanced security features including the same DRM technology used by Disney+, iTunes, and Netflix, and is trusted by leading distributors and studios including A24, Sony Pictures Classics, Starz, Showtime, and National Geographic. It will function on multiple internet browsers as well as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and other connective devices to ensure the most wide-reaching compatibility, as well as comfort for viewers.

The festival will feature a program showcasing a mix of international horror, fantasy, sci-fi, vanguard, and underground films that capture the distinct curatorial l spirit of each festival. Highlighting imaginative, daring, and bold voices in cinema, NIGHTSTREAM will encompass the full scope of genre storytelling and provide an exciting home experience for film fans this Halloween season.

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