The Week in Horror: Halloween Kills, Random Acts Of Violence + More

Happy Monday, fiends! Welcome back to your weekly roundup of all the big stories in the world of horror. I’ve barely had time to look up, between extended hours at my day job and working on things with St Rooster Books, but I was, like many of you, rocked by the unfortunate yet unsurprising news that Halloween Kills has been bumped a whole year. We did get a teaser, though, so there’s that. See below. I don’t want to get all First World Problems bitchy, but damn, I was really looking forward to this movie and I think with ALL the bad shit that has been going down for the last few months the new  Halloween was a bright thing to look forward to. I get it though. I get it. People’s lives are more important than any movie. So deep breath, let it go. Hopefully, we’ll get a full trailer soon, because the teaser has me excited as Hell. Look at fucking Hawkins still laying dead in the fucking road!

Funny this came up because I’m currently watching This Is the End (which is so damn funny), Jay Baruchel has written and directed a horror film called Random Acts of Violence, which he is also starring in. Random Acts is a violent, bloody slasher film about a comic book writer, whose comic Slasherman is being copied by a psychopath in real life. Baruchel is known for comedies, but he joins Danny McBride and David Gordon Green in a shift to horror. The trailer looks fantastic and other than Halloween it’s the first slasher I’ve been excited for since Jenn Wexler’s The Ranger.

Coming out August 7th is the sequel to the crocodile horror Black WaterThe Abyss. After Crawl, I’ve been jonesing for another good killer gator flick, so it’s cool we’re getting this. Hopefully, they don’t skimp on the gore. Check it out!

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