Avengers: Empyre Lays The Ground For Marvel’s Summer Event

There’s nothing quite like a comic event to get fans talking. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be saying good things. In this era where Twitter gives people a place to say whatever they think, creators and companies are definitely going to get an earful no matter what. I suppose the good thing is it means at least people are paying attention.

In the case of Marvel’s upcoming summer event Empyre, people are definitely paying attention.

As the logline states:

After millennia of war, Emperor Hulkling has united the Kree and Skrull empires into one powerful Alliance – and only the Avengers and Fantastic Four stand in their path as their armada bears down upon the Earth.

Even non-Marvel fans have at least heard of the legendary Kree/Skull stories that Marvel’s published. The battle between the two became even more ingrained in pop culture with the massive success of 2019’s Captain Marvel film. So it makes sense that Marvel Comics would look to bring that feud to publishing prominence once again in 2020.

Avengers Empyre.jpg

Avengers: Empyre
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pepe Larraz

In this one-shot that sets up the Avengers side of Empyre, the team makes their way to the Blue Side of the Moon, where they encounter a race called the Cotati, who are awaiting the arrival of the Kree and Skrulls under the leadership of Emperor Hulking. Having had nightmares about their extermination, Tony Stark is determined to protect them

Avengers: Empyre goes a long way in establishing the Cotati and why the Kree and Skrulls would join together after millennia of hostilities. This backstory is especially helpful if you haven’t read the Empye prologue, which was released earlier this year but one might have missed because of the onset of COVID-19. Meanwhile, even if you haven’t been keeping up with the current Avengers series, writer Al Ewing throws enough character moments into the issue to give you an idea of where iconic characters like Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Thor currently are in.

Truthfully, I wasn’t terribly excited about Empyre when it was first announced. Space stories aren’t usually my cup of tea, but Avengers: Empyre managed to get me interested in the summer storyline, and I don’t think I can pay it a bigger compliment than that.


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