The Week in Horror: Creepshow, Cinestate

Happy Monday, fiends. I hope you’re all healthy, safe, and taking plenty of mental health breaks from the internet, and if you’re out there in the protests fighting the good fight, bless you. Please stay safe!

Even though production is on hold for season 2 of Shudder’s Creepshow, showrunner, director, and special FX master Greg Nicotero isn’t sitting on his ass. The scripts for season two are 90% done, he told the Boo Crew Podcast and you can see the giant spider that will appear in one episode over at Bloody Disgusting. I really loved season 1 and thought it did the legacy of George Romero and Stephen King’s two original films proud. Knowing that WB has given production of The Batman to go ahead and resume, hopefully we’ll start to see other productions start back up. As long as its safe.

But that hardly qualifies as news in light of the absolute shit show that has come to light over at Cinestate in a depressing article from The Daily Beast, detailing the sexual abuse charges against producer Adam Donaghey, the right wing leanings of producer Dallas Sonnier, the gross on-set behavior of legendary actor Fred Williamson and the toxic environment of the Cinestate produced film sets. The article has also triggered heated debates across the internet, calling out filmmakers like Joe Begos and Chelsea Stardust, who directed the Cinestate owned Fangoria Pictures VFW and Satanic Panic, respectively. Not to mention how the entire horrible story is affecting how some see Fangoria itself, which is owned by Cinestate. Begos and Stardust have stated that they were unaware of the nastier dealings among cast and crew in statements released since the article dropped. Its an eye-opening read and I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to give it a read.

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