Avengers #33 Features Moon Knight And Is A Perfect Jumping On Point For Fans

One of the more frequent comic book trends of the last ten to fifteen years has been the regular renumbering of an ongoing series. The idea makes sense, to a certain degree. Casual readers may feel intimidated picking up that’s hundreds of issues in; heck, they may even have a problem coming in with a book that’s in double-digits. To be honest, I have a bit of that in my when it comes to my own reading habits. The collector in me tends to want to come in on the ground floor of a title, not at issue 12 or 15. It’s the completist in me. So normally, if there’s a good story going on in a monthly book, I’ll wait for the trade to get released to read it.

BUT…there’s always a but, isn’t there?

Avengers 33Avengers #33
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón

The issue in question begins an Avengers storyline focusing on Moon Knight, one of the less stable heroes in the Marvel Universe. In The Age of Khonshu Part One, the Fist of Khonshu that is Moon Knight has set out to take down some of the most powerful Avengers in the world, and he manages to do so with relative ease. The hows and whys I’ll let you discover, but as a longtime, though slightly lapsed Avengers reader, I thought it was an impressive show of force for the character.

As noted above, this is issue #33 of the current Avengers volume, and apart from the first few issues of Jason Aaron’s run (which were just a little spacey for my tastes), I haven’t been keeping up. However, hearing through the comic-vine as it were that Moon Knight would be playing a big part of a new storyline, I thought this would be a good place for me to jump in and see what’s happening with the title. And I’m glad that I did. Aaron seems to have a solid handle on Moon Knight’s voice (make that voices) and he wrote an issue that didn’t leave me remotely feeling as though I’d stepped into an unfamiliar setting, which can often be the case when you’re coming into the middle of a run. Meanwhile, the artwork from Javier Garrón is certifiable eye candy.

The best thing a book can do is leaving you waiting to see what comes next, and that’s exactly what Avengers #33 delivered. And while I wait for the next issue, I’m going to make a point of going back and reading the rest of what I’ve missed.


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