Heroes & Villains: Do Good

Today I spent a not insignificant amount of time laying on the floor of my office. Given how things are going out there in the United States at the moment, it felt like the “thing to do.”

I can’t really write about comics right now. It seems incredibly trivial when compared to, well, everything. In previous columns I’ve written about comics as being my preferred method of escapism, and they still are, but somethings you just cannot escape from. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t take an hour to yourself to relax with some comics…if you can, you should. Subjecting yourself to the non-stop barrage of awfulness will drive you crazy.

There’s not much I can say here that will provide comfort or solve this. What I can do is use the platform that I’m privileged enough to have to point towards some good resources that we can all use to help during this time.


A donation link that splits your money 11 different ways towards organizations supporting protest and reform.

A Google doc with tons and tons of resources if you’re outside of the US and still want to help in some way.

Cartoonists of Color Database

I never imagined that would see this kind of horror in my lifetime. I am afraid, and sad, and worried that I can’t do enough. A quote from Voltaire that I saw posted on social media in recent days stuck with me: “Everyone is guilty of all the good they did not do.”

So that’s what I’ll leave you with: Do good. If you can’t get out and protest or you don’t feel safe in doing so…donate. Sign a petition. Contact your lawmakers and let them know that you’re watching and that they are accountable. Once you’ve done that…do it again and again.

Keep doing it until the bastards are gone.

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