What to Watch While Staying Inside: Too Hot To Handle 

During this day and age, many people run away from an ounce of commitment. Well here’s another dating show to fix that, or so we hope.

Too Hot to Handle is a new eight-episode reality Netflix series created by Laura Gibson about finding love (and winning a hundred thousand dollars). Ten young and beautiful contestants are handpicked to come together in order to self-reflect on their love patterns. These young people have issues with fidelity and commitment. Too Hot to Handle is meant to create emotional intimacy by removing any physical barriers blocking emotional connections. Kissing, touching and intercourse are against the rulesDoes that not strike a chord during social distancing times? 

What I distinctly enjoy about Too Hot To Handle was that there are contestants from all over the world. Some from the U.K. others from Australia, even a good chunk of American folk; I would love to see some Canadian faces, although that’s just me being selfish. As much as I admire the range of geographic locations, the show can improve with the diverse shape and size of contestants. It’s nice to yourself physically represented when watching a series and physically there’s no one I can compare myself to 

The contestants on Too Hot To Handle are being monitored for emotional growth by a robotic device named Lana. What else could you expect in the digital age? This device monitors any negative behaviour (physical pleasure) and monitors positive behaviour (emotional growth). Lana seems to be the paradox – she’s the best friend of the contestants in the house yet she also puts some of the “players” in hot water with everyone else 

If there’s growth as the series progresses, the couple(s) will be allowed to display physical affection to one another for a short period of time. If there is no emotional growth, contestants are subject to eviction from the house and may be doomed in finding love. There are a few characters who may have rattling viewpoints during the evolution of the series and luckily Lana is great Karma. Truthfully, that’s what keeps things interesting; every hero needs a villain

Social media seems to be cross with some contestants on Too Hot Too Handle. Twitter particularly isn’t as understanding as I may be. Many tweets indicate a few of the contestants are egocentric. My view is once someone refers to themselves as a stallion repeatedly, they’re most likely egocentric (except Megan Thee Stallion of course) The question remainsare these ten singles willing to overcome personal issues in order to find happiness? Let’s see if primal instinct gets in the way of a real connection and thprize money.  

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