Cult of the Gator God by Paul Lubaczewski Is Infectious

In this modern world, you have to be ready to move for work, and Bob Carey thought he was able to live anywhere. At least until he met Florida that is, which it turns out is a lot more than Miami and Disney. Now thanks to an untimely flaming boat-related death and some office politics he finds himself in Jacksonville tasked with making a new life. The young environmental lawyer has a lot to learn about his new town, and the new people in his life like his oddball researcher Steve, his new girlfriend Sarah and most of all his new clients. What he finds will make him realize that the Florida Man headlines he used to enjoy don’t explain even a portion of how weird the Sunshine State can truly be.

Cult of the gator god

Hot on the heels of his previous novella, A New Life, which came out hot on the heels of his debut novel, I Never Eat…Cheesesteak, Paul Lubaczewski is on fire with his new novel. Cult of the Gator God is a blast- a kaiju horror-comedy that works on all levels. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it and it’s really infectious.

images-6With I Never Eat…Cheesesteak, Paul crafted a solid debut, striking a balance between actual horror and actual comedy, with compelling characters and an increasingly tense build-up. With his sophomore release, A New Life, he dropped the comedy and went full horror, but in a way he played it safe, keeping the story set in Philadelphia, and staying focused on a single perspective. So even branching out in a slightly new direction, he kept one foot on the platform. Not with Cult of the Gator God. Here Paul jumps off with both feet into a tale with scope, multiple perspectives, his richest set of characters yet, and a plot that’s both outlandish and engrossing. He has a rhythm in his narration, swagger wouldn’t be the right word, bounce maybe? The story chugs along at a really comfortable beat that sweeps you up. Even though he’s not a Southerner, he captures that laid back, conversational tone, perfect for a tale set within Jacksonville, Florida.

Cult of the Gator God is available now, in paperback and e-book from 50/50 Press and you can find all of Paul’s writing at his Amazon Author page HERE. Check out the video below of Paul reading some selections from the book on Youtube…

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