The Week In Horror: Cursed Films, Hellraiser + ‘Salem’s Lot

Happy Easter, fiends! Are you doing a double feature of Critters 2 and Passion of the Christ? Did you catch the return of What We Do in Shadows? Or how about Shudder’s new series, Cursed Films?

We started that one, finally, jumping in on episode three, The Omen, because I know a ton about The Exorcist and Poltergeist. I have to say, I was pretty impressed, not just with how they laid out the behind-the-scenes story, but who they interviewed for insight – and it wasn’t just those connected with the film. Very interesting show, so I’ll be going back to the first two episodes quickly.

Talks of a new Hellraiser remake/reboot has been going around for years, and I’ve long since stopped paying attention, but apparently, Spy-Glass Media is really going for it! With the writing team of Super Dark Times’ Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski and Southbound’s David Bruckner will direct the film. This is a super exciting creative team and I really hope this goes forward and we get a new Hellraiser film work talking about.

In other remake news, the James Wan produced adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot, which was originally a TV mini-series directed by Tobe Hooper, is headed to the big screen under the writing AND direction of Gary Dauberman, who previously wrote The Nun and Annabelle Comes Home. ‘Salem’s Lot is one of my favourite King novels and I love the Hooper film, so I’m really holding out hope for a smart, faithful, and surprising-not to mention scary, take on this horror classic.


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