Heroes & Villains – Batman: The Adventures Continue Is Light in The Dark

Allegedly, it’s Wednesday again which traditionally means new comics. Since comics are not currently being distributed I have lost my personal north star which helped me mark the passage of time and provide some small semblance of order in the chaos. So now I’m tasked with imposing order on myself, developing new routines to keep myself busy and away from other people.

About 90% of the new routine involves moving between the same three rooms of my condo (Bedroom for sleeping, office for working, living room for TV/Video games), going for short walks in my neighbourhood…and that’s about it. I generally like the town where I live. Easy access to most major freeways, a downtown that’s home to my favourite pub (with the best burger I sadly can’t get now), ample parking, and close to family.

My street, if I’m being honest, is boring. Expansion of the town pushed west in the ’70s and my street was one of the last to be developed. What THAT means is that the houses are one of three styles that have been Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V’d up and down the street for about half a mile. A visually stimulating walk that does not make.

I’d stab someone for a Vanilla Pepsi right now.

Anyways, COMICS!

Batman_Adventures_Continue_Cv1_Dave-Johnson_5e459f3dc89c11.26746525.jpgBatman: The Adventures Continue #1
Alan Burnett, Paul Dini (W)
Ty Templeton (A)
DC Comics

Finally, a light in the proverbial darkness!

Generally, I’m pretty down on getting my comics digitally. I’m a firm proponent of supporting your LCS and I will be buying a physical copy of this book once I’m able to do so. My great grandfather was a freighter captain on Michigan’s Great Lakes and I’m told he would often say, “Any port in a storm.” I’m choosing to interpret this as him being in favour of purchasing a digital comic had he the means to do so.

One thing I think all Batman fans can agree on is that Batman: The Animated Series is as close to perfection as the character has ever been. Everything about the series is great and even its dud episodes hold up better than the 90’s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons (it still blows my mind that these shows aired on the same network within half an hour of each other). With all that said, it’s awesome to see Alan Burnett and Paul Dini (two of the major creative forces behind B:TAS) coming back to the character with Batman: The Adventure Continues and doing what’s essentially a “Season 4.5.”

If I were to offer any criticism at Batman: The Adventure Continues it would be that it seemed too short even though it’s the same length as a normal monthly comic. But I can’t complain because it was less than a dollar on the DC Comics app, the quality was outstanding, and it was the only new thing that came out last week. I’m definitely looking forward to adding Batman: The Adventure Continues to my pull…once physical comics are a thing again.

The Mystery of the Multiple Returns

Another thing I’ve been doing to keep myself busy is getting into THE WORLD’S STUPIDEST DISPUTE WITH AMAZON.


Recently, I had a small financial windfall and I decided to treat myself to the 50th anniversary Scooby-Doo Blu-Ray boxset. I felt like I deserved it and spending money I did next to nothing to earn was the way to do it. I have always been a Scooby-Doo fan and like many others my age the reruns of the original series were a morning ritual for me prior to school, after school, and on the weekends. There was always a multitude of Doo to be had: 13 Ghosts Of, Laff-A-Lympics, A Pup Named and on and on. Hanna-Barbera wasn’t setting the world on fire with their animation stylings, but my dad wouldn’t spring for the Disney Channel subscription so I made do with what I had.

My first boxset arrived promptly within two days of order and it arrived damaged. The clear plastic case that housed the spooky mansion was cracked and appeared to have been opened. Clearly, this would not stand, so I elected to send it back for a replacement.

A few days later my second boxset arrived and I was ready to delve into the adventures of four mystery-solving teens and their talking dog…only to be greatly disappointed. This boxset somehow arrived in WORSE condition than the first one. The case had been torn and the rest of it looked like it had been punted, elbow dropped, or otherwise yeeted into the shipping box without packing material.

Within an hour it was on its way back to the distributor and I was posting a poison penned review to the product page which Amazon refused to post on the grounds that it violated their review guidelines (it didn’t). I didn’t even write “fuck” once.

After a week of waiting for my third, and hopefully final, boxset and nothing showing up I was told it was to be delivered by a certain time (it wasn’t) the next day I was told it had been delivered three days previously (again, it wasn’t). Finally, I was told that they wouldn’t be issuing a third boxset and I could either get credit for the site OR my money back. I opted to get my money and huffily take my business elsewhere.

Eventually, I got my boxset and it arrived only a little damaged. I finally admitted defeat and that it was not possible to get a better copy than what I had been given. I wouldn’t think that they would make the case out of Fabergé or the equivalent but it’s not every day that as Great Dane turns 50.

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