Heroes & Villains’ E.A. Henson Goes To C2E2: Day Two

The second day of C2E2 has been a revelation. I found the correct train stop to get on that took me to a shuttle bus. I found the press room which overlooks the convention floor which really drives home the enormity of this whole event. I also went to a couple of panels!

This is without a doubt the largest convention I’ve ever been to but it’s not oppressively packed like I would imaging SDCC would be. There have been some minor traffic jams here and there but overall people seem happy to be in their element. There’s something to be said for being among your people.

Getting to the convention this morning proved much easier because I managed to spot someone dressed as Dandelion from The Witcher which confirmed I was indeed at the right train stop and that I was headed in the right direction. I’ve gotten on trains before and wound up going in completely the wrong direction so any “life hacks” I can employ are a godsend.

Yesterday, per my smartwatch, I covered about 11 miles between meandering around the convention and getting to and from my hotel. My legs are absolutely killing me so I opted to sit in on a couple of panels, DC Universe and one for Joe Hill. I ended up ducking out of DCU a bit early to make it to Hill’s panel and I’m glad I did due to how entertaining Hill was.

Near the end of Hill’s panel, he spoke a bit about his the Hill House line he curates (and writes) through DC’s Black Label imprint. He talked about his love of going to the local video store after school and spending a considerable amount of time renting as many horror B-movies as he could, “Hill House is your trip to the video store of your dreams.”

Hill also mentioned that the early Vertigo books and the new wave of British writers from that era had personally influenced him as a comics fan and the Hill House line. Personally, having read and loved every book from that line, I can see the connections and I hope they continue publishing for as long as DC will have them.

Regrettably, I managed to miss Marvel’s X-Men panel yesterday which was kind of a drag since the X books are probably the most interesting thing Marvel is doing at the moment. I’ll blame being overwhelmed by the first day of the convention and not waiting in line for a churro. In my defence, I had never had a churro before and I can report that they are indeed very good.

In a funny coincidence, I’m sitting in the press room to write this and looking out over the convention floor. Occasionally looking down, I noticed my friend and other members of his comic book club sitting below me. If getting press access to the event and LITERALLY looking down on my friend that paid for tickets won’t make my ego completely unmanageable, I don’t know what will.

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