Marvel’s Mutants Duke It Out With The First Family In X-Men/Fantastic Four #1

Can’t we all just get along?

What’s what I’d be asking the X-Men and Fantastic Four following the first issue of the new series that pits two of Marvel’s legendary teams against one another at the dawn of the new mutant age.

XMenFF1.jpgX-Men/Fantastic Four #1
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Terry Dodson

In this limited series, Professor Xavier and his mutant nation of Krakoa feel like there’s one single mutant missing from their home. He just happens to be Franklin Richards, son of the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards and Susan Storm. It’s a tough time for Franklin; his mutant ability to shape universes is slowly draining; the more he uses his powers, the less he has them. The X-Men want Franklin to join them on Krakoa; his parents want them to remain at their new home on Yancy Street, as Reed works to help his son save his rapidly depleting gifts.

X-Men/Fantastic Four kicks off strongly with this debut issue. Though he’s handling neither the main X or FF books, Chip Zdarsky has a strong handle on the voices of the multiple characters he has to deal with. At the same time, artist Terry Dodson delivers his own distinct take on these characters (helped by the excellent inking of his frequent collaborator, wife Rachel Dodson). The only place where the book faltered for me was the immediate instigation of violence from both teams. Yes, I know this is a comic book and action is part of the game, but I truly think that neither team should be looking to duke it out with the other; however, the new mutant world order seems to carry with it the notion of striking first. In their desire to bring Franklin to Krakoa, the X-Men as written just seemed to be itching for a fight, and the FF were willing to engage; that didn’t ring entirely true to me.

There’s lots more story to go through, as X-Men/Fantastic Four is set for a four-issue run, and I’m interested to see just how much violence will be the answer to the conflict between the two teams.

X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 is available now, including a digital Director’s Cut featuring Zdarsky’s script, the Dodson’s art and more.

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