‘Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #1’ A Solid Start To A Marvel Whodunit

Today’s been a good one for Kelly Thompson. Marvel announced that they’ll be writing a brand new Black Widow series set to launch in April, just in time for the Black Widow movie as well. You can read all about the upcoming series here.

But even before today, the last seven days have been going pretty well for Thompson, whose first issue penning the exploits of everybody’s favourite Marvel P.I. arrived in print last Wednesday.

Jessica Jojessica jones.jpgnes: Blind Spot #1
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Mattia De Iulis

Of course, there’s a caveat here. Blind Spot first appeared as a Marvel Digital Original exclusive, so this is the first time the series is being collected in print. In it, Jessica Jones is trying to manage it all – motherhood, her relationship with Luke Cage, and her job as a private investigator. Things take a turn when she finds a dead body in her office and is immediately arrested. Somebody is setting her up.

I don’t envy anybody who has to take over a character from someone like Brian Michael Bendis – he’s one of the great comic books writers of the new millennium, and his impact on Marvel lingers even after he moved over to the ranks of DC. In a testament to both Bendis’ prowess and of those who have come after him, writers like Saladin Ahmed, who has been writing Miles Morales: Spider-Man and now Kelly Thompson are managing to deliver great stories in their own manner. Bendis may have created Jessica Jones, but he never made her unquestionably his. Which means Thompson has the opportunity to take the reigns and build on the character.

The tone in Jessica Jones: Blind Spot is just right; Jessica is weary, but also observant. Thompson and artist Mattia De Iluis do an excellent job of putting down on the page how a private detective might think, how they might break down and discover clues. It’s visually and narratively compelling stuff.

There’s always a place in Marvel Comics for a hardboiled detective story, and in this first issue of Jessica Jones: Blind Spot, Thompson and De Iluis do a great job of spinning a yarn and making me wonder what’s going on, and perhaps more importantly:



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