The Leftscape Podcast: ‘A Pop Up Library and the Truth About Fear (Episodes 66 and 67)’

What’s been happening on The Leftscape? Weekly shows featuring interviews by diverse people with knowledge, art, or a good cause to share. Co-hosts Wendy Sheridan, Mary McGinley, and Robin Renée report on and discuss some of the most pertinent happenings in the All the News We Can Handle segment. They expand out into other topics in the rotating segments Why is this Awesome?, The Blanket Fort, The Geekscape, and Ikigai.

Tom Martin distributing books

In Episode 66, Robin speaks with Tom Martin of Haddon Township, NJ, who has a true passion for books. His dream of having a bookmobile grew into the creation of the Camden County Pop Up Library, through which he promotes literacy and community by giving away books four to five times a week. His regular stops include underserved areas in Camden and nearby locations where standard libraries rarely reach such as outside a methadone clinic, a transportation center, and a soup kitchen. Listen in as he shares about his inspired and inspiring project.

The news goes from frightening to congratulatory: There are reports of weapon-wielding guys too close to home in Edison and Pleasantville NJ. Thankfully, there are fun things happening as well such as the release of Kevin A. Patterson and Alana Phelan’s latest novel, For Hire: Audition. At the end of the show, the Ikigai segment centers on inner wisdom, action, and the challenges of working as an independent musician.

Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeilEpisode 67 features Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil  is a full-cycle learning, change, and fear expert in Seattle, WA. She is committed to helping individuals and organizations navigate the messy, difficult work of learning and change. To that end, she recently launched Hand in the Dark Consulting to help organizations reeling from change and is currently working on a book that will help people use their fears, rather than be used by them. Dr. VanderWeil speaks with Robin about the nature of fear, the complexity of our responses to it, and how a small amount of the right kind of fear is essential for learning, growth, and transformation.

Then in The Geekscape, Mary geeks out on sonnets and reads a couple of her favorites by Shakespeare. Listen in to find out why she says sonnets are like the Twilight Zone of iambic pentameter. In All the News We Can Handle, there are impeachment hearing testimonies and a farewell to the pivotal website that kept Pagans aware and connected since 1997, The Witches’ Voice.

Listen to The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation:

Tables, Bins, & Books: The Camden County Pop Up Library (Episode 66)

To Be Free, With Fear (Episode 67)




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