The Leftscape Podcast: ‘False Divisions: David Jamison on Race (Episode 60)’

Episode 60 of The Leftscape features guest David Jamison, Assistant Professor of History at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL. With a doctorate in African Diaspora history and having done his dissertation on slave resistance during the colonial era, David has a lot to say about race. In fact, he has made it his mission to inspire others to learn about, reanalyze, and deconstruct our ideas about race and how it functions in society. One of his central points is that the racial categories we’ve been born into believing in have not existed since the beginning of time, but only for about 400 years. Listen in to David’s conversation with Robin Renée about how we have learned to divide ourselves to our own detriment and how we can begin to question racial categories and the assumptions behind them. David Jamison’s approach is as welcoming as his ideas are challenging.

There are two big podcast announcements this week. This episode features the first installment of a new segment, Ikigai, which is a Japanese word that translates roughly into “reason to live.” The Ikigai segment will focus on finding a balance of work, purpose, fulfillment, and financial reward. The other big show news is that you can now get extra content, fun swag, and more by supporting The Leftscape on Patreon!

In the less fun news of the week, Robin, Wendy Sheridan, and Mary McGinley discuss the Supreme Court’s oral arguments challenging the status of LGBT people as protected from discrimination on the basis of sex. There are also the widely discussed and interpreted text messages between U.S. diplomats on efforts to have Ukraine investigate the Bidens. And not shockingly, Donald Trump immediately appealed an order by a federal judge to hand over eight years of tax returns to a Manhattan district attorney.

In the top of the show acknowledgements, reasons to celebrate include Food Bank Week, Freedom of Speech Week, and Save for Retirement Week. Days of note include Global Cat Day, Fossil Day, Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, National Edge Day, Pasta Day, Black Poetry Day, National Mammography Day, and National LGBT Center Awareness Day. Wendy announces her upcoming wedding anniversary as a not-so-subtle reminder to her husband. Birthday shout outs go to Angela Lansbury, Flea, Ziggy Marley, Zac Efron, Kamala Harris, Snoop Dogg, “Space Mom” Carrie Fisher, and others.

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “False Divisions: David Jamison on Race (Episode 60)



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