The Week in Horror: Family, Sharks, ‘Moon Knight’ and the Year 1979

Happy Sunday, my fiends! What are you watching this weekend? We finished Mindhunter season 2, which was emotionally wrought, and I can’t wait for Season 3 if we’re getting one at all. I also checked out 1983’s gory Italian animal attacks film, Wild Beasts, which is quite audacious and fucked up at times, but doesn’t quite live up to its legend and stops short of what should have been a bloody and controversial ending, but maybe it would have been one line crossed too many, after all, the film doesn’t have one of those little reassuring notes at the end that reads, “no animals were harmed during the making of this motion picture.” Yikes. Not for the overly sensitive.

Horror isn’t exactly setting the box office on fire this weekend, but Disney’s new R rated horror film from Radio Silence (V/H/SSouthbound), Ready or Not, had a respectable opening weekend against last week’s 47 Meters Down; Uncaged, which continues to struggle to make back it’s budget despite some decent reviews. Have you seen either one yet?

At the D23 expo this weekend, Disney announced some more new TV series coming to their new streaming service. Relevant to our purposes is a Moon Knight series, which is a character many fans have been clamoring for for years. For me, my enthusiasm is waning in general. So far Marvel hasn’t impressed me with their TV output, with the exception of Ghost Rider’s appearances on Agents of SHIELD and the three seasons of Daredevil on Netflix. Marvel/Disney’s flat refusal to put their characters in costume is fucking annoying. “Yea, but what about -” Don’t. Just don’t argue, it’s tiring. I hope the new shows coming to Disney+ actually embraces the comics more, because so far, DC is continuing to kick Marvel’s ass on the small screen, especially with Batman coming to the Arrow-verse in this year’s big crossover. Here’s a scene we won’t be seeing in the new series…

You know, if you turn the clock back 40 years to the year 1979, one year after the release of John Carpenter’s Halloween, and one year before the slasher floodgates burst open with Friday the 13th, there was a slew of iconic and unforgettable horror films that hit the big screen. Just a few examples; Phantasm, Zombi aka Zombi 2Tourist TrapAlien, The Amityville Horror, When a Stranger Calls, Thirst, Prophecy, The Brood, Herzog’s Nosferatu, Driller Killer…1979 was an amazing year! I’ll be exploring the year in more depth this October for Biff Bam Pop!’s 31 Days of Horror.

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