Fan Expo Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Geekiness

Fan Expo Canada is upon us and I, for one, could not be more excited…mostly because I’ll actually BE there this year! I’ll be the guy that looks confused, American, and apologetic. On the off chance that you’re not going there to see me, there’s a bunch of other cool stuff to be on the lookout for.

Famous People!

Normally, I don’t go in for getting autographs. But, as my framed John Wesley Shipp as The Flash autographed 8×10 can attest to, there are exceptions to every rule. This particular exception is a twofer…both Peter Cullen AND Frank Welker are going to be at Fan Expo on Friday and Saturday!

Here’s why this is a big deal, Welker and Cullen are two of the most legendary voice actors out there and you may know them best as the voices of Megatron and Optimus Prime respectively. Welker also has too many additional credits to list but here are some highlights: Fred AND Scooby-Doo, Ray Stantz AND Slimer, Barney Rubble AND Dino, and the list goes on and on.

There’s also a whole mess of other celebrities that are going to be there: Brendan Fraser! John Travolta! Jeff Goldblum! Zachary Levi! Peter Capaldi! A sizable portion of the Saved By The Bell cast! MIA FARROW!

Full list can be found here!

Comic People!

Todd McFarlane AND Jim Lee will apparently be riding some kind of legendary tandem bicycle into the convention center because I’m assuming that’s how you transport two of the biggest names in comics from the last 25 years. You too can do your best Chris Farley Show impression by asking them questions such as, “D’you remember when you created Image Comics? That was awesome.” and “Remember when you created Spawn? Awesome.” and “Have you ever seen Die Hard?” 

Scanning the list of creators at Fan Expo is giving me a bit of sensory overload. Greg Capullo! Humberto Ramos! NEAL ADAMS! MIKE GRELL! Phil Jimenez! Jeff Lemire! Marguerite Bennett!

Fan Expo is also a great excuse to go and throw some money at your favorite creators. Go and commission that sketch! Buy that limited edition print! Get some comics autographed! 

Full list can be found here!


You can’t have a convention or an expo without exclusive merch. There’s a law against it!

Your life will not be complete until you own the Wayne & Garth street hockey variant Pops. Trust me on this.

Also, there are some sweet exclusive covers for Absolute Carnage #1, House of X #1, Batman #608, and Transformers #1.

The only exclusive that’s being sold that legitimately confused me is something called an (ahem) “Spawn Turd Bumbumz.” It appears to be some manner of collectible vinyl item but, man, that name. I can’t imagine a person trying to entice a potential mate to return to their domicile by offering to show them their Turd collection. Or maybe that does work? 

All the exclusives you could ever want are right here.


Hey, after a long Saturday at the Expo, why not go and party with the intergalactic rock stars known as The Cybertronic Spree? Nerd Noise Night will be returning to The Rec Room and this show isn’t to be missed! Honestly, I attended NNN a few years back and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and it was certainly the most fun.

Doors are at 8 PM and tickets can be found here.

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