Happy Birthday, Golden God – Biff Bam Pop!’s Robert Plant Playlist

The legendary Robert Plant, the former Led Zeppelin singer turns 70 years old today. To celebrate, the staff of Biff Bam Pop! is creating a Plant Playlist, featuring videos and memories of our favourite songs that have featured his inimitable vocals. Check back throughout the day as we add to our list.

Andy Burns:

I’ve got two Plant vocals for you. The first is ‘Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes on You)’ from Manic Nirvana. MuchMusic here in Canada played the video all summer of 1990. I didn’t know who Led Zeppelin was, so I just thought Plant was an awesome singer and guitarist (he holds a Flying V in the video, but doesn’t actually play it).

The second is ‘How Many More Times’ off of Led Zeppelin 1. I don’t think the band and Plant were ever darker or better.


Jeffery X Martin:

Growing up, Led Zeppelin were like billboards on the musical landscape. They were everywhere, but I never paid any attention to them. It wasn’t until Robert Plant released The Principle of Moments that I started to give a serious listen. ‘Other Arms’ was the song. With the classic 80s gated drum sound and a twitchy, almost nasal guitar tone, it was New Wave enough to suck me in. There was a franticness to the tune that made me nervous, something in the time signature that was off enough to tweak my OCD. It’s addictive. And through it all, Plant’s voice; rough, defiant, and weary, the sound of a man who had seen it all and come away a little softer, a little more pensive, but still determined to keep going.

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