Biff Bam Pop! Kids – The Princess Reviews Hotel Transylvania: Monsters Overboard

The Princess is a huge Hotel Transylvania fan. She’s watched those first two movies over and over. And to be honest, I’m into them as well, seeing as I’m the horror fan in the family. When we saw that there was going to be a Nintendo Switch game based on the series called Hotel Transylvania: Monsters Overboard, we were both pretty excited to get our hands on it. At the same time, The Princess and her mom went to go see Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, so we thought we’d tie everything in together into one big Hotel Transylvania review:

Andy: So, Princess, I have some questions for you.

Princess: Whyyyyyy – is it about Hotel Transylvania?

Andy: Why yes, yes it is. What would you like to talk about first – the new movie or the video game?

Princess: The video game!

Andy: Ok, the video game is called Hotel Transylvania: Monsters Overboard, right?

Princess: Right

Andy: So give me a quick idea of what the game is about?

Princess: You get to play as Drac or Mavis. You‘re wandering an island, looking for monsters and humans, like Johnny, if you know who that is.

Andy: Yeah, I know who he is. He’s Mavis’ husband, right?

Princess: Yes.

Andy: Now, this game is made for kids your age. What did you think about it?

Princess: There are some parts I do not like. Which is, Impas have no point! What are they? They’re not even in the third movie, and trust me, I’ve seen it.

Andy: Impas are those little bat creatures that Drac and Mavis control to get jewels, right?

Princess: Yeah.

Andy: So, why didn’t you like them?

Princess: They’re pointless and it’s hard to control them and because of them, you’re character can’t jump.

Andy: I know what you mean. They weren’t easy to control on the Switch.

Princess: Also, Mavis’ voice. You’ll notice that her voice is nothing like the original voice of Selena Gomez in the movies.

Andy: Well, that sometimes happens in video games. They’re probably using the voice from the tv show. But I know, it’s not the same thing. What did you like about the game?

Princess: You can to travel around and find Wayne and his pups. I like the graphics too. They look good.

Andy: So, you like how the game looks, but you don’t like how it plays?

Princess: Yes.

Andy: What about the third movie? Did you like that one?

Princess: Yes. The thing I liked most was the end (spoiler alert!) – The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’ is in the movie, and I love the Beach Boys….and The Monkees! Don’t forget about the Monkees.

Andy: Ok, so Princess, if you could give the creators of the video game some advice for future Hotel Transylvania games, what would it be?

Princess: Closer voices for Mavis, and more time on the ship!

Unfortunately, Hotel Transylvania: Monsters Overboard falls into that unfortunate “game based on a movie” genre that often doesn’t turn out very well. Like the Princess, I agree that visually the game hits all the right beats, but the gameplay feels far too difficult for the target demo. If I have problems figuring things out, there’s no doubt 8 year olds aren’t going to have any easy time of it. I can tell when the Princess is engaged with a video game, and this was just not one of those times.

Better luck next time – blah blah blah!



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