The Week In Horror; Criterion Sale, David Cronenberg, Night of the Demons, Werewolves In Siberia


Fiends! It is time once again for your Week In Horror and have you taken advantage of Barnes and Noble’s 50% off Criterion sale?!? Yesterday I picked up Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, not horror, per se, but certainly horror adjacent. My recommendation? Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Criterion did a masterful job on that and it has a bunch of cool extras. But honestly I could say that about their editions of The BroodScanners, and Naked Lunch as well. Speaking of Cronenberg…

The Canadian treasure recently wrote a brilliant, philosophical essay for The Globe and Mail titled “I would Like to Make the Case for the Crime of Art.” Check this out;

Laws of nature are necessarily broken – through mutation – in order that nature, in the form of evolution, can subsist through time. I mentioned human architecture. There is insect architecture. Insects create architecture. Mud dauber wasps create beautiful multilevel nurseries, larval high-rise apartments, which they fill with paralyzed spiders to feed their children. Are they artists? Do they break the laws of nature? Perhaps we are, in fact, mud daubers. Perhaps our buildings are not crimes against nature, but constitute nature itself. Perhaps we come full circle. 

Maybe the biggest news of the week is the joint announcement from Scream Factory and NECA that they will once again join forces this October. Last year they gave us Silent Night Deadly Night in a restored blu-ray that came with an 8″ retro style action figure of the film’s killer Santa. Well, the companies have topped that with the upcoming 4k restoration of Night of the Demons in a steelbook, with a lithograph of the box art and an 8″ action figure of Angela (portrayed by Amelia Kinkade) in time for the film’s 30th anniversary.

We’ve got another Friday the 13th coming up this, which I always treat like a mini Halloween through the year. The particular one is extra special, because our good friend Werewolves In Siberia is dropping a brand new Friday the 13th inspired track called “Crystal Lake!” I have heard, in fact its replaying right now. If we ever see a return of Jason Vorhees “Crystal Lake” would make a brilliant opening theme. Follow WiS on Twitter so you can download the track as soon as it’s ready @CultofWIS.

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