In The Game: The Princess Gives Her Take on LEGO Incredibles for the Nintendo Switch

The Incredibles are back in theaters, which has been a huge event for families everywhere. Incredibles 2 is well on its way to hitting $500 million in theaters, which is a masssive number. To tie in with the hit franchise, this month saw the release of WB Interactive Entertainment’s LEGO Incredibles, the first time the famous family has received the LEGO video game treatment. The Princess and I have been playing the game on the Nintendo Switch, and we’ve really been enjoying it.

Andy: Hey Princess, what do you think of LEGO Incredibles?

Princess: It’s very very fun, but can be kind of annoying.

Andy: Oh?

Princess: Only sometimes.

Andy: Well, tell me..

Princess: With the Screenslaver and the Underminer (levels). For the Underminer, you have to switch characters. Actually, that’s with all of them. You have to be Elastigirl and then the other characters have to walk across her.

Andy: I thought that was actually really awesome.

Princess: It is awesome, but you haven’t done the Screenslaver yet, Mister.

Andy: OK, but why don’t you tell the people reading how the game starts?

Princess: The game starts just like the movie – 15 seconds after the other movie ends. The Underminer shows up, they do a bit of battling, and then he drills into the earth.

Andy: Yeah, I loved that. It gets you right into the action. I fell like the gameplay is different than the other LEGO games we’ve played.

Princess: You can do a bit more than other LEGO games, that’s true.

Andy: What’s been your favourite part of LEGO Incredibles so far?

Princess: I like swimming. I swam with Mr. Incredidble aka Bob Parr.

Andy: Because don’t you get to explore the world in a sandbox? You’re free to go wherever.

Princess: Yeah. And I also enjoyed exploring the Parr’s new house.

Andy: Where would you rank this game as compared to other LEGO video games you’ve played?

Princess: I think I’d rate it 10 out of 11. LEGO Worlds is the most creative LEGO game I’ve ever heard of. I still love that game.

Andy: Do you think that fans of the Incredibles films would enjoy this game?

Princess: Yes, I do indeed! It’s a very funny movie. Anyone that’s seen Incredibles 2, who liked Jack-Jack fighting the raccoon, that scene is in LEGO Incredibles, and it’s INCREDIBLE! I only have one word to describe this game – INCREDIBLE!

That’s straight from an 8-year old. For us older gamers, LEGO Incredibles is actually a breath of fresh air in the series of games. While all of them are never anything but fun, there’s often a feeling of familiarity to the graphics and gameplay. This time out, environments and play simply feel new again. While the voice work is strong, it would have been nice to have the original actors reprising their roles. Ultimately, that’s a small gripe in the overall fun of LEGO Incredibles.

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