Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide Part 2 – Comic Book Reading List

Here are just some of the more recent publications that have left an indelible mark on this writer’s mind – and surely will for any Dad out there that you may want to gift this upcoming Father’s Day. You can find them compiled in various volumes, trade paperback and hardcover, at your local comic book shop or bookstore:

Father's DayAnimal Man
Written By: Jeff Lemire
Illustrated By: Travel Foreman 
Published By: DC Comics

A few years ago, DC Comics underwent a total revamp of their comic book publishing empire. Calling it the “New 52,” the event gave rise to fity-two new monthly titles. Some lasted longer than others. One of the better titles was Animal Man, written by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Descender, Black Hammer) and initially illustrated by Travel Foreman (Immortal Iron Fist). Here was a dark tale about Buddy Baker and his connection to “The Red” – the elemental realm that governs all mammals on this planet. It’s a bloody affair. And Baker’s family is, pardon the pun, at the heart of it. Perfectly horrific superhero reading for Dad!

Written By: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrated By: Fiona Staples
Published By: Image Comics

There is no greater comic book series currently being published that centers itself on family than Brian K. Vaughan (Y The Last Man, Paper Girls, Runaways) and Fiona Staples’ (Mystery Society, North 40) Hugo Award winning science fiction adventure, Saga. Galactic war, star-crossed lovers, their wonderful little girl, mercenaries full of emotional baggage, compatriots with agendas, giants with giant balls, sexy spider women, magic, blasters, and…love. That’s a true Saga.

Black Science
Written By: Rick Remender
Illustrated By: Matteo Scalera
Published By: Image Comics

Anarchist scientists discover that reality is but a series of dimensions that can be peeled like an onion! But when you peel the onion, the onion itself virtually disintegrates! Grant McKay, in jumping from one dimension to the next, has peeled the onion of his own family. This is the sci-fi story of one unlikable man’s attempt to put back together the shattered remains of his world, his marriage and his own fatherhood.

Batman & Son
Written By: Grant Morrison
Illustrated By: Andy Kubert
Published By: DC Comics

This is the story-arc that started fan-favourite writer, Grant Morrison (Doom Patrol, Invisibles, Final Crisis), on his senses shattering, eyebrow raising, and fondly remembered run on Batman. Along with amazing artist Andy Kubert (Dark Knight III, Flashpoint), they introduce readers – and Batman himself – to Damian Wayne, the Dark Knight’s pre-teen, angst-driven, flesh and blood. Complicating matters is the fact that Damian is the grandson of Batman’s greatest enemy, Ra’s Al Ghul! Batman & Son tells the story of how a solitary hero of the night…became a Dad! The perfect Father’s Day starter for the caped crusader in your life.

Written By: Tom King
Illustrated By: Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Published By: Marvel Comics

Vision is the twelve-issue series (collected) that tells the story of one computer-borne entity’s desire to be human. And to have a family. So he takes after humanity and he builds one himself: a wife and teenage twins. Written by Tom King (Sheriff of Baghdad, Mister Miracle, Batman) and illustrated by Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Magneto, Astonishing X-Men), the series was critically acclaimed – a testament to life, family, and tragedy. Perfect Father’s Day reading for the superhero Dad!

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