Celebrate Earth’s Armored Avenger with ‘Tony Stark Iron Man’ Launch Parties!

We would totally go to a themed party celebrating TONY STARK IRON MAN. So local comic shops, make this happen!

This summer, everyone’s favorite futurist will embark on a new set of adventures with an all-new creative team! Fresh off a historic run of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN — including a final red-hot arc featuring the appearance of the Red Goblin that has taken retailers and fans by storm — Dan Slott is joined by rising superstar artist Valerio Schiti as they take the reins of one of Marvel’s most beloved Avengers, bringing readers new stories, new secrets, and of course, new armor.

With massive action set pieces, high-concept sci-fi premises, and everyone’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist at the helm, TONY STARK IRON MAN is a story no Marvel fan should miss!

To celebrate this blockbuster release, Marvel will partner with participating retail stores to host TONY STARK IRON MAN #1 LAUNCH PARTIES. In addition to exclusive variant covers, participating retail stores will receive exciting promotional items.

Retailers are encouraged to check their Marvel Mailer and Diamond Daily for more information about the TONY STARK IRON MAN LAUNCH PARTIES and how to opt-in before Monday, 5/7. Don’t miss out on Tony Stark’s return – head to your local comic shop on June 20th, 2018, to get your hands on TONY STARK IRON MAN #1!

Written by DAN SLOTT
Art and Cover by VALERIO SCHITI
On Sale 6/20/18

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