In The Game: Andy Burns and The Princess Review ‘Kirby Star Allies’ for Nintendo Switch

The Princess and I are sitting at the kitchen table, and I’ve just finished a bunch of levels on Kirby Star Allies, the new 2D platform game for the Nintendo Switch. It reminds me of the old Super Mario Brothers that I played on other people’s Super Nintendo consoles, though I found it a lot more engaging thanks to the character’s undeniable cuteness and the idea that Kirby has the ability to turn its enemies into allies. The only real problem is, I still don’t know what a Kirby is. So, I turn to the expert.

Andy: Ok you, I need some help. I need you to explain to me, your old dad, what a Kirby is.

The Princess: Kirby is this pink dude who has red shoes who can swallow things and become that thing.

Andy: Right, I saw that when I was playing. I could swallow characters and take on their powers.

The Princess: And wear a special costume!

Andy: Now, Kirby has been around a long time.

The Princess: He has?? (Pause) Oh yeah, he once was pixelated.

Andy: Yeah, exactly. But you know what, I never played any Kirby games before because I always had a PlayStation. I think I might have been too old to appreciate him.

The Princess: I have! We played it on the Classic NES.

Andy: Riiiight. Ok, let’s talk about Kirby Star Allies on the Switch. I really, really liked it.

The Princes: Me too! Well, it was hard to control.

Andy: What part did you find hard to control, because I played through a bunch of levels, which are really colourful and fun, and didn’t have any trouble. What did you have trouble with?

The Princess: This might just be for kids my age, but I had trouble walking him into the star doors.

Andy: Hmm, I wonder if it is because you’re only seven. I didn’t have any trouble with that part. And I loved that this was a really fun platform game. I haven’t spent much time with those lately. For a grown-up, and someone who really doesn’t know anything about Kirby, this game is actually a lot of fun. It’s simple to pick up and hard to put down.

The Princess: What does that mean?

Me: It means I liked playing it, and the only reason I stopped was so we could…

The Princess: Write this review?

Me: You’ve got it. Tell me, are you going to give Kirby Star Allies another chance, because I think you’d really like it. You just need to be a little patient getting started I think.

The Princess: Soon.

Hopefully, The Princess will warm up to Kirby Star Allies. It’s a fun game for all ages, and there’s actually a lesson or two to be taught with the idea of teaming up with former enemies and turning them into friends.

Now, back to the pink dude with red shoes.



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