Netflix: Women Ruling Together

It’s one of the best times ever to be a woman in the creative world. With ever expanding ways to story tell, Netflix is striving to create female characters who are willing to put their selfishness aside to support their fellow women.

Together We Rule

In a society that often encourages women to size each other up and tear each other down, it’s crucial for women to actively shift the culture, stand up for each other, and unite.

As women, it’s important to share our stories, and there is no better place where stories about women supporting women are being told, than on Netflix.

Not only is Netflix creating inspiring stories of female empowerment, their commitment goes beyond the faces on the screen. They give female producers, writers, and directors the freedom to depict real, complex, female relationships.

Still in search of a lady squad of my own, I started to ponder which Netflix female group I’d join.

 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– The Mole Women

Here’s a group that supports each other’s hopes and dreams.


Whether it’s running your own mole business, getting your education, or starting your own cult, The Mole Women will be there to encourage you to believe in yourself.

Orange is the New Black

It’s not just a squad, this is your family.


They are hopelessly flawed. There is going to be drama. Things are going to get messy and complicated, but you know if it all comes crashing down, these ladies will stand up for you and have your back.


It’s invaluable to connect with women who understand you and provide you with unconditional love. When your priorities get off track, and you act like a complete jerk to everyone, they are willing to forgive you and remind you of your purpose.


Not only do these women embrace each other’s differences, they celebrate them.


They are a group of wildly different personalities, coming together to lift each other up, sometimes literally.

I would proudly join the ranks of each of these groups of fantastic, strong, women. They show that as women, we should unite to support each other’s dreams, always have each other’s backs, be willing to forgive, and most of all, celebrate our differences.

It’s time to end the negativity, and the need to compete and tear each other down. It’s time instead to encourage, build each other up, and rule together.


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