Orcs and Humans Working Together: The World of ‘Bright’ Is Coming to Netflix

If you hoped for a Suicide Squad spinoff that focused on Deadshot and Killer Croc, then you might be interested in Bright, an upcoming Netflix original film that premieres on December 22.

Based in a Los Angeles that is home to humans, orcs, elves, and an extremely powerful magic wand, Bright takes director David Ayer’s buddy cop drama sensibilities from Training Day and transposes them onto a gritty yet magical universe. Will Smith plays the human Officer Ward, who is teamed up with Joel Edgerton’s orc character Officer Jakoby.

Check out this featurette:

Bright has the kind of cross-genre atmosphere that could appeal to fans of Alien Nation and Law & Order. It feels like it could be a great addition to the ongoing pop culture creations that mix the supernatural with the terrestrial as an analogy to real-world issues of diversity and tolerance. Bright also includes Noomi Rapace in its cast, which is yet another reason to see it.

Bright will be available in select theaters and on Netflix starting December 22, 2017. Stay tuned for another trailer that will be released on October 25.

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