These are the Poo-nicorn Plush Toys you’re looking for

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a new stuffed toy called Poo-nicorns. Now, I’ll be honest with you – I am not down with the emojis and the poops and all the funny stuff that my seven year old little Princess thinks are so funny to send me when she’s at her mom’s house. However, I wondered what she would think about these toys that combine…wait for it…poops, rainbows, and unicorns.


Yes, it sounds totally ridiculous. But guess what? She loves them! Read her take after the jump!

Daddy: Ok, I’m writing this article.

Princess: Daddy?

Daddy: Yes? What do you want to say about these new toys?

Princess: I love them! They are so cute?

Daddy: Why don’t you tell me about what you received?

Princess: Ok! I got these in the mail and I love them so much. They’re combined with three of my favourite things. I love the poop emojis too!

Daddy: So tell me what came in the mail?

Princess: I’m holding a blue medium sized Poo-nicorn. I love it and I think other kids would like it too. I also got mini ones that are like Emojis Surprise Balls – they are super cute, and you can make the balls into a chair. They’re super fun. If you don’t want to play with them, you can just stick them on your desk and have them talk.

Daddy: But didn’t you get a HUGE one too?

Princess: OH YEAH! I got a super big one. It’s purple, and the fur on the Poo-nicorns are rainbow and the horn is yellow. The eyes are super big.


Daddy: Why do you think kids would like these? Didn’t you get one for your friend’s birthday?

Princess: Yes! It was the big version of the medium blue one I have. Kids will like them because they’re mixed with emojis and unicorns and rainbows and they’re super cute.

Daddy: Do you have anything else to say?

Princess: Nope.

You can find these Poo-nicorn’s at Toys R Us, Walmart, Canadian Tire, TV Showcase and EB Games in Canada.

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