The week in horror: ‘Day of the Dead’, ‘The Houses October Built’ + more

Another Day of the Dead remake is coming your way, Gerald’s Game gets a trailer, and more, as I look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.


Day of the Dead remake set for 2017

Another remake of Day of the Dead is coming to horror fans (the Mena Suvari-starring one is best left forgotten). According to Bloody-Disgusting, Day of the Dead: Bloodline will be released later this year by Saban Films, which has acquired the rights to the Millenium Films release. In Day of the Dead: Bloodline, ” a former medical student is tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her.”


It action figures on the way

Though no images have been released yet, this week NECA sent out an email letting people know that a complete line-up of action figures based on the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It are on the way. There are currently multiple Funko Pop versions of Pennywise the clown available. It is expected to gross upwards of $123 million during its debut weekend.

Check out a clip from The Houses October Built 2

My new favourite franchise is The Houses October Built, a found footage series that finds five friends travelling across America in search of the most extreme haunted house attractions. The second film is due out on September 22nd across various platforms (I’m working on interviews with the creators). In the meantime, here’s a clip from the film.

Netflix release a trailer for Gerald’s Game

Mark Friday, September 29th on your calendar – that’s the day the Mike Flanagan directed adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game arrives on Netflix. Hailed as one of King’s scariest works (and that’s saying a lot), the movie will tell the story of Jessie (Carla Gugino, “A woman who accidentally kills her husband after being handcuffed to a bed, leaving her unable to free herself. As time passes and she realizes that rescue is an all but hopeless thought, she begins to slip into insanity, the voices in her head manifesting into visions.”

It sounds like King himself is giving the film the ok:


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