Trailer Time: The Dark Tower

The trailer for The Dark Tower is here. As an acolyte of the series, which changed my life, I have to say I am far more impressed than I thought I would be. Changes from the series are clear, but it still feels like the story I love. Just a different take. we’ll discover how it all turns out in August.

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  1. Keep in mind, this is NOT an adaptation of the series. If you’ve read the final book all the way through, not stopping when Mr King gave the reader that option, then you’ll understand. (I’m being intentionally vague so not to spoil anything.)

  2. Agreed. And I have ZERO problems with that. I think it will be fun to see the story on the screen, and if I don’t like it, I still have the books to keep me warm.

    1. Personally, I think it’s brilliant. This way, they can still tell the story the way they want to and any ‘changes’ are still canon. (Much like how the Star Trek movie reboot handled things.)

      Of course, people will still rant and gnash their teeth.

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