The Librarians S03 E10: And the Wrath of Chaos

Flynn cried, Eve cried, and I cried on this week’s tear inducing, Season Three Finale of The Librarians.


It was the most brilliant of plans. Get the trio of Librarians out of the way by sending them on wild goose chases. Trick a government agency into becoming your personal moving company. Lure Apep to The Library. Defeat the crazed Egyptian god by sacrificing yourself. Okay, the last part doesn’t sound all that brilliant. It sounds like someone forgot the lessons he’s learned this season and is working solo. Good thing the rest of The Librarians are around to remind Flynn Carsen, once again, that problems are better solved as a team.


Lessons Learned

We learned some lessons during the season three finale. We learned…

  • Never doubt Eve Baird
  • Seriously, why has no one learned this lesson yet? NEVER open up a sarcophagus!
  • Sometimes in order to be really smart, you have to be really dumb.
  • It takes exactly three Librarians to get Jenkins out of a box.
  • There is always another way.

The Many Sides of Jenkins

I had a suspicion that even though her actions looked nefarious, Eve Baird had a plan. Even if her plan was just to do the one job she was meant to do, protect her Librarians, I was on her side. Then the Colonel went ahead and Medusa-ed Jenkins. I had some not so nice words for The Guardian. I still hoped that it was part of a grander scheme, but still, poor Jenkins.


This season we’ve experienced the many sides of Jenkins. We saw the sweet, vulnerable, hopelessly in love Jenkins in “the Fatal Separation.”  In “the Eternal Question,” we got a glimpse of fatherly Jenkins as he scooped a dying Cassandra into his arms. Also in that same episode, we witnessed deadly, badass, double sword fighting, Jenkins, the coolest Jenkins of them all. In “the Wrath of Chaos,” we get a taste of vengeful, angry Jenkins. I have to admit I jumped in my seat as the refined, suite wearing caretaker, wrapped his fingers around Eve’s throat and squeezed. There is a ruthlessness to Jenkins I think we have only seen a glimmer of so far. I’m sure the three Librarians present made a mental note to never get on Jenkins’ bad side.


The Tears of a Fan

I have to admit that most of the time while watching television shows and movies, I think that I’m super smart and have everything figured out.

After “the Trial of the Triangle,” when Flynn confirmed that the Eye of Ra would need a human sacrifice, it was obvious Flynn meant himself. I kept thinking that there was no way they were going to kill off Flynn. I felt even more certain after last week’s episode when Charlene sacrificed herself for The Library. Surely they wouldn’t have two back to back self-sacrificing deaths of beloved characters. Going into the season finale, I was still convinced that Flynn wouldn’t have to die. Then there was the scene. A tearful Flynn and a tearful Eve exchanged their final good-byes. Flynn’s facial expressions were so sincere, his tears felt real, he stated that he’s been a Librarian longer than anyone else. He told Eve he loves her.


My mind started to race. Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, they are really doing it, they are going to kill Flynn! The waterworks sprang from my eyes. But Eve loves him, she’ll be devastated, he can’t die. Stupid Apep! My husband casually asked, “So I guess he wanted off the show?”

“I don’t know,” I say in distraught tones. “I think they would have announced that kind of thing.”

Of course the three super smart Librarians combined like the wonder trio they are and saved Flynn. So this week I have to say well played to everyone, the actors, the writers, and the director. I thought I had it all figured out, but with just a few lines of tearful dialogue, I was sure I was completely wrong.

Finale Thoughts

It was a great season finale. At the end of the episode the three Librarians combined their talents to achieve something spectacular. I believe that the same thing was achieved when the show’s writers, directors, and actors (and I’m sure a whole host of other folks), combined their amazing talents to bring us a fun, clever, emotional, and imaginative season. It was magic.

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