31 Days of Horror 2016: American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare “Chapter Seven”


On the last episode of American Horror Story Shelby, Matt, Lee and the actors who played them in the documentary My Roanoke Nightmare are persuaded to do a sequel. Maybe, they should have read the small print on their contracts.


When the camera starts rolling, you usually expect all the actors to stick to the script, but in Return to Roanoke, Sidney’s reality disaster, the only person sticking to her character is the crazy actress who played Thomasin in the documentary. Agnes is possessed and she’s bent on revenge. Ax in hand, Agnes goes after Sidney, Alissa and the cameraman. Although we feel for Alissa and the cameraman, I was happy that Sidney got his forty whacks. There was nothing likeable about this character.


We’re not exactly sure when Agnes lost her mind or her soul to Thomasin, but what we do know is that Agnes was the fan favorite in the original documentary and that was why her role as Thomasin was extended. As the action plays out on the television, I keep asking myself why are these people still staying at the house. Is fame, stardom, or a possible Emmy Award more important than life? Maybe to an actor it is because these idiots stay in the house even though Rory is missing and the word ‘murder’ is written in blood on the dining room wall.


The only person using any common sense is the ex-police officer, Lee. Adina Porter is given a chance to really do justice to the character of Lee in this episode and it’s about time. Lee was maligned throughout the first part of the series as a drunk and a bad mom, but I was hoping that during the second part, she would clear her name. It was not meant to be. It is Lee that talks Audrey and Monet into looking for help, but as they make their way through the tunnel under the house they are chased by some creature wearing a white wig. Is it Edward Mott? Who the hell knows because we’re getting the Blair Witch filming technique where we aren’t sure just exactly what it is we’re seeing.


Cuba Gooding Jr. plays his Dominic as a real creep in this episode. He was brought in by Sidney to make the Millers and the actors all look bad on this reality show from hell.


His flirting with Shelby in the kitchen upsets Matt, but it isn’t until Dominic goes into the confessional that we find out that he’s going for the lead role as the bad guy. While Lee, Monet and Audrey search for Sidney, Agnes attacks Shelby with her ax.


This is supposed to be a ghost story, but what I’m experiencing is confusion with lots of gore. My friends are not happy with this year’s theme or the plot. I, being a loyal fan of the show, keep tuning in each week with the hope that the story will improve. It doesn’t. I’m really upset about this because there are many parts to Roanoke that do work. I love the fact that Agnes has become possessed by Thomasin, but after killing Sidney, Alissa and the cameraman and, after attacking Shelby, she’s killed by the Butcher.


When Lady Gaga finally makes her appearance on tonight’s episode, we barely can tell it is her. The scene is poorly lit and her time in front of the camera is brief. When Matt confesses to Shelby that he returned to the house because he is in love with the Wood Sprite, it doesn’t sound true and contradicts the way he behaved earlier when Dominic was flirting with Shelby. What was way more confusing was the way Shelby reacted to the news. Would Dominic really waste time getting Shelby to confess when the murder was already caught on camera ?

Sarah Paulson’s Audrey did well in tonight’s episode when she plays the abandoned wife. Not knowing that Rory is dead, she thinks he left her for a better movie deal. When she finds Rory’s body, Sarah pulled the whole show together with her grief. She has been the shining star this whole season.

I half expected Lee to get away from the Polks, but she is not only captured along with Audrey and Monet, but Mama Polk has designs on making Lee the main meal. I don’t mind gore with my horror, but for a good ole fashion ghost story to work, we need to care about the characters. There is supposed to be one person that survives on this show, but because the story isn’t holding our interest, we might not care who survives, and that is the real horror.

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