31 Days of Horror 2016: Horror-Rama Canada


Halfway to Halloween, and here in Toronto, the scarestivities are well underway. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is bringing the shivers to the Scotiabank Theatre for the next week. And this weekend, the third annual Horror-Rama Canada convention is turning the Hyatt Regency into a horror hotel.

Chockablock with memorabilia and guests, Horror-Rama is an intimate con for any aficionado of the macabre. Here’s a sampling of the guests and events taking place:

  • Dyanne Thorne, star of notorious exploitation classic ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS and its gruesome sequels
  • Tovah Feldshuh, Broadway legend and star of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD
  • Danielle Ouimet, Canadian sex film starlet, noted broadcaster and star of cult vampire film DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS (first convention appearance)
  • Cult director William Lustig (MANIAC, MANIAC COP)
  • Cult filmmaker David De Coteau (CREEPOZOIDS, PUPPET MASTER III)
  • Horror director Jeff Lieberman (SQUIRM, BLUE SUNSHINE)
  • Actors Cindy Hinds and Art Hindle from David Cronenberg’s masterpiece THE BROOD
  • Eurohorror actress Geretta Geretta (Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS, RATS)
  • Canadian Scream Queen Helene Udy (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, PIN, THE INCUBUS
  • Canadian filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic and tattoo artist Shane Faulkner
  • Canadian horror director Chad Archibald (BITE, THE DROWNSMAN)


The organizers are also presenting Joe Hart’s “Gate Fest”, a collection of props and grisly tidbits from the classic Canadian horror flick The Gate. Run by Luis Ceriz of Suspect Video and former Fangoria magazine editor Chris Alexander, these are guys who take their horror and dark fantasy very seriously. With Suspect Video closing its doors this year, Horror-Rama aims to carry on their fan spirit.

Lastly, what’s a con without an after-party? The depraved can get down at the Bovine Sex Club on Saturday, October 15 with an appearance by The Sentimentalists, DJ Johnny Revelation and a pile of celeb appearances. The convention itself runs from Saturday, October 15 to Sunday, October 16. Find more info and tickets here.


About Luke Sneyd

Luke Sneyd is a writer and musician. When he isn't doing film reviews for BiffBamPop, you can bet he's gaming, or following one of his many tech obsessions. The guitarist for Toronto electro-rockers Mountain Mama in the early 2000s, Luke went solo releasing All of Us Cities (2007) and Salvo (2009). His song "The Prisoner" earned him a finalist in the Great Canadian Band Challenge in 2007. He founded Charge of the Light Brigade in 2010, releasing The Defiant Ones the following year. As a writer, he's penned and produced several short films, and with Paul Thompson wrote a zombie TV-series called Grave New World. The unproduced pilot for GNW won first place from the Page International Screenwriting awards, as well as prizes from Slamdance and the Cloud Creek People's Pilot Competition. Then this other zombie show came along. You can find links to all Luke's projects at

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