Fear the Walking Dead S02 E12: Pillar of Salt


On the last episode of “Fear the Walking Dead,” Madison played Pied Piper to the unfortunate infected hotel guests while Nick showed off his drug knowledge and lady skills. This week, we learn the whereabouts of Ofelia while Nick tries to protect Colonia from outsiders.

Blue Light Special

At first, I thought Francesco and his family was trying to sneak into Colonia. You can imagine my confusion when it became clear that the family was, in fact, running away. Where were they going and why leave the safety of Colonia? We learn through conversations between Alejandro and Luciana that Francesco isn’t the only deserter and maybe it’s because Francesco and the others don’t want to end up like minced meat.


With Francesco and his family captured by Marco, ruler of the supermarket gang, Alejandro puts a hold on any upcoming bartering deals. Why did the normally cheerful and calm Alejandro begin to act paranoid? He’s not looking too healthy either and he shuts down any questions or suggestions coming from Luciana and Nick. What we do know is this; Nick’s years on the streets have made him savvy on how dangerous dealers can be when you don’t keep the drugs coming. Nick’s warning to Alejandro and Luciana that Marco will come looking for them falls on deaf ears. Luciana is loyal to Alejandro. Nick finds another scout who is willing to bring the oxy to Marco, but they never get the chance.

Things at the hotel seem to be going well. Elena and Hector have got the generators up and running while the other hotel guests try their hand at farming. Hector and Alicia seem to be getting along well, and even have time to do some apocalyptic surfing. But, weren’t you waiting for a few floaters to reach out to them? Just because the infected lemmings were lead into the ocean doesn’t mean they’re not a threat. Zombies don’t need to breathe.


Madison and Strand have everyone playing nice and working together, but they weren’t expecting Ilene. Fans of Seinfeld will recognize Brenda Strong as Elaine’s nemesis; Sue Ellen the braless wonder. Ilene, distraught that Strand killed her infected daughter, stabs Strand. Madison is now fully in charge and her first order is to lock up Ilene forever. Good move, but Strand needs help and the group needs medical supplies. Deals have to be made and even the survivors at the hotel are forced to barter after Elena tells Madison about Marco’s blue light specials.


I saved this part for last because I’m still digesting my understanding of the Ofelia character that is played by the talented Mercedes Mason. If we thought Ofelia weak, it was because of her behavior when she and Alicia were searching the hotel for supplies. Ofelia is the poster child for what I consider a weak woman. She looked to others for direction. What her father said was law. In fact, the flashbacks showed us that she had played the part of the good daughter for so long, that she even jeopardized her own happiness. Ofelia had a boyfriend and she loved him. His marriage proposal was put on hold because Ofelia was reluctant to leave her parents. Did she fear her father’s reaction to the news? I think so.


With Griselda and Daniel dead, Ofelia was on her own, but she was still taking directions from the other survivors. Maybe, because Madison and Alicia are such strong women, Ofelia needed to slip away to find her own strengths. When she swung that hammer at the infected woman, we saw the mouse change right before our eyes into a lioness. Not only did Ofelia not hesitate to suck on that hose for the needed gas, but if I’m correct, she’s heading back to the states to find her fiancé. Ofelia has become ‘apocalypse worthy’ and I can’t wait to see what else she masters.


Marco’s people are the bad guys. We know this, but they are still survivors and they are trying to hold onto whatever power they have by trading with the people from Colonia and other sanctuaries that are scattered in the surrounding area. Marco, like Alejandro and Madison, is trying to keep his people safe. They survive with trade: Oxy for water; fish for bandages; the blue light specials always benefitting the house. I thought Madison had resolved herself to losing Nick, until Antonio’s mention of the gringo with the ratty hair. Her reaction almost gets her and Elena killed. Antonio’s comment to Elena that the gang was leaving the supermarket was an omen of things to come.


Alicia bears her heart out to Strand on why she had to raise herself. It wasn’t easy being the capable child while her parent’s attentions were focused solely on Nick. Strand understands Alicia’s determination to win Madison’s respect, but Alicia learns that she is still the forgotten child when she tries to stop Madison from giving away their location. Madison’s flipping on the hotel lights was a dumb move, but she doesn’t know the rules.

There are certain rules that must be followed to survive the apocalypse. Rule #1 is, “Never attract unwanted attention to your location.” Nick warned Alejandro that Marco would come looking for them if they did supply the promised Oxy. Nick was right. Madison placed her team in danger to give Nick her location, but she might have attracted more than Travis’s attention. See you next week, my little zombie snacks.

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