Rogue One: Into Darthness Trailer Drops

The new story trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One just dropped. There’s a nice chunk of juicy narrative morseldom dished out in its two minutes and fifteen seconds. And possibly the most exciting back-of-someone’s-head shot of all time. Which is apparently the moment we’ve arrived at in popular culture. But shit, it is pretty cool. Feast your eyes, Rebel soldiers, after the jump.

Star Wars: Rogue One is looking phenomenal. I liked J.J. Abrams’s Empire Wars: A New Hope Strikes Back, or whatever they actually called it, but the struts that held it together were glaringly obvious borrows. This time around, the familiar stuff is here, stormtroopers and droids and Rebels and Jedis. But somehow, the weight of stealing relaunching all that mythology has been lifted. It’s still just a trailer, but this feels like a cleaner, more direct, better story. (Hey DC, remember story?)

Set when the Rebels go after the plans for the under-construction Death Star, this is a prequel that takes place right before the narrative of Star Wars: A New Hope. That direct connection helps ground the movie, not to mention the appearance of everyone’s favorite Lord of the Sith. With Gareth Edwards at the helm (MonstersGodzilla), and what looks to be a superb cast, I can’t wait for Santa to put this wonderful present under the tree.

Star Wars: Rogue One will be released in the US and Canada on December 16th, 2016.


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