Bad Decisions Are “Close To Home” on Outcast


On last week’s episode of Outcast Reverend Anderson was kicked out of his church and, we learned a startling secret from Sidney about the recent possessions. While Kyle searches for Allison, Anderson makes a bad situation hellish.


I feel like I spend most of my reviews on this series talking about Philip Glenister’s character, Reverend Anderson. There is no way we can believe that Anderson was a normal guy before Kyle came back to his home town. No way that our preacher didn’t lose his temper like he’s done in the last few episodes. Didn’t Anderson learn about self-control at the seminary?

In tonight’s episode, Anderson harasses one of his parishioners to learn what the deacons are planning. The deacons are already looking for a new preacher. Makes me wonder if they ever liked Anderson’s brimstone and hell fire sermons from the get go. Like the good people of Rome, I find that some preachers shouldn’t be allowed on the pulpit. Their sermons only bring negativity instead of hope. What I didn’t expect was how the deacons so readily embraced Sidney. Anderson had a choice, but he made the wrong decision and now Sidney wants to press charges.

Kat & Ogden ep 9

Giles wisely told Ogden to get out of town, but Ogden’s wife Kat takes her orders from Sidney. I’m not sure how that place with the mannequins will help with Sidney’s takeover of Rome, but Kat had the job of convincing her husband to go with the new game plan. Kat knows what happens to those who disobey. Luckily, Kat’s demon has made her a new and improved version of herself. Ogden makes the decision to stay because good sex always trumps the right decision.

Although the Kyle character is much too laid back for my taste, and although I need to keep reminding myself that he is the main character, I like how Patrick Fugit plays his Kyle. I guess it’s the uncertainty that makes Kyle such a believable protagonist. Kyle has no idea what he is doing other than to follow his gut instinct. His main goal is to protect his family. Fighting demons is something he hadn’t bargained for. Kyle did not attend Seminary School like Reverend Anderson, but Kyle seems to have a better understanding of how to handle the recent demonic possession problems. I loved how the writers gave Patrick Fugit’s character a back seat over the last few episodes in order for us to see Anderson’s fall from grace.



Kyle is worried about Allison because he still doesn’t know how much she remembers about the day she attacked Amber. Will the full return of memory drive her mad? When his mother-in-law reveals Allison’s location, Kyle makes the wrong decision and leaves Amber with his sister not knowing that she’s going through her own little hell on Earth.

Megan has survived the return of her rapist and her husband’s stupid decision to beat the crap out of Donnie. Now she learns that she’s pregnant and Mark is out of a job. I wasn’t sure of the significance of the scene where we see Megan cleaning up the broken thrift shop glass. I wasn’t sure what why she cut her hand, but every action has its expected reaction and it comes with a dark passenger.


No one made the right decision on tonight’s episode, except for Kat. She knew the consequences of disobeying Sidney. Apparently, the only two people who understand Allison’s battle with her demon are Amber and Kyle. Amber, for such a young child, knew that there was something very wrong with her mother and this is why this child drew that picture inside the closet. It’s why she’s been so rebellious towards Allison. I think Amber was afraid the demon would come back. In an attempt to make life normal for his daughter, Kyle enrolls her in preschool, but then he leaves her with Megan. This decision comes back to haunt him.



We need to understand where Reverend Anderson is coming from. He’s a preacher. His enemy is Satan. He’s the voice crying out from the desert and, like John the Baptist, Anderson does not deliver the good news quietly. He shouts it out in the town center and at a deacon’s meeting. All this preaching makes Anderson look insane especially after he attacks Sidney. Anderson has lost the respect of his peers and, after he raised his hand to Aaron, he lost Patricia… at least he didn’t lose his head like the Baptist did, but it makes you wonder how he treated his own son. Tail between his legs, he finally admits to Kyle that he was jealous of Kyle’s power. It’s time to fight Satan on Kyle’s terms.

possessed megan

While Kyle and Anderson make plans, the pregnant Megan is possessed while taking a shower. I never expected Mark to die and it upset me for two reasons. He was the sane voice, the good cop, the loving husband and father, and now he’s dead because of Megan and her demon. With Mark’s death, Amber and her cousin are at the mercy of a demon. Can Kyle save his daughter?

Next week is the season finale for Outcast, and so far, I’ve been really enjoying how Robert Kirkman does the real apocalypse. He’s given us an old enemy to fight and next week’s battle might lie in the hands of a child. See you next week, my little angels.

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