Outcast Shows Us “A Wrath Unseen”


On last week’s episode of  Outcast, Mark investigated the area where the mutilated animals were found; Megan is shocked over someone’s return to Rome; and Kyle discovered that not all exorcisms are successful. This week, Reverend Anderson discovers a shocking secret.


What face do we show to others? What face do we keep hidden? Do we all possess both good and evil within ourselves; an angel and demon on opposite shoulders? Tonight’s episode asks the question, “How do we know if exorcisms work?”

Now I don’t know about you, but if a man of the cloth has performed an exorcism on someone, it’s quite unsettling to learn that it didn’t work. Sophia calls Reverend Anderson up to complain about her mother, Mildred (Grace Zabriskie). Mildred is obnoxious and downright nasty to her daughter and grandchildren. Sophia is not aware that the Reverend had successfully kicked out Mildred’s demon two years ago. Is Mildred’s vile language due to dementia or demon?


Dementia could be the cause and if you’ve ever dealt with someone with dementia, you might think you’re dealing with possession. But, Mildred is definitely not exhibiting signs of confusion, memory loss, or trouble communicating. Mildred is showing personality changes so the Reverend asks Kyle to come with him. Kyle’s little chat with Mildred while the reverend talks to Sophia makes Kyle nervous especially when Mildred asks him, “What did you see when you touched the Joshua?” What did you see?


Chief Giles had me stumped last week when he told Mark to shelve the investigation on the trailer, but when his dog tries to attack Ogden and his wife at a get together at Giles’ home, I understood that the Chief was not a stupid man… just cautious. The watch that Mark found in that bloody trailer in the woods belonged to Ogden and that has Chief Giles staking out the trailer. What he sees confirms his suspicions.


I list stalkers under the same category as demon possession because like demons, a stalker slowly intrudes or inserts themselves into their victim’s life with obsessive attention, harassment and intimidation. It is akin to psychological rape of their victim and the victim’s family. When Donnie stops at the table while Mark and Megan are on a date night, Megan visibly freezes and this makes Mark suspicious.


Megan fears Donnie and we learn through flashbacks that her family took in lots of troubled kids. Donnie was a bad apple who was also raping Megan when her parents weren’t around. Kyle was smaller than Donnie, but he did all in his power to protect his adoptive sister. Why Megan thought it was wise to talk to Donnie inside his hotel room beats me, but she did. Megan was scared enough to bring a gun with her, but the result was not what she expected.


It’s not easy being a man of the cloth. A minister has to listen to everybody bitch and complain about their sorry lives and he is required to tell his parishioners to look on the bright side of life. There are only three people attending Norville’s funeral. No one should die alone and no one should be buried without someone to pray over them.


We now know the stranger’s name. Sidney has the audacity to tell Kyle and Anderson that he was friends with Norville. Rome is a small town and Sidney is a stranger. I’m surprised that people weren’t asking questions about this man.


The evil is spreading like a fungus and situations that were thought to be closed are not. Did Megan try to prove Donnie wrong when he joked to Mark that she’d found her “Knight” to save her? If Megan’s plan was to show Donnie that she had moved past the rapes and that she was able to save herself, she failed. Donnie is a predator. Her visit to the hotel only made him more determined to ruin her life.


Mark learns the whole story about Donnie from Kyle and then he takes the law into his own hands. Let’s hope he hasn’t played right into Donnie’s sick-minded plans. What I do know is that the beating Mark gave Donnie was caught on his police cruiser’s dashboard.

Giles is one hell of a good cop. He does his investigations the old fashioned way. When he sees Ogden set fire to the trailer, Giles tells Mark to send the forensic evidence to be tested. The case has been reopened.

Reverend Anderson collects mementos of his successful exorcisms. The Hummel figurine of the little boy was from Mildred. Anderson can’t believe that he failed with Mildred because she is in church every Sunday. But, the demon’s best weapon is the sin of Pride. Did Anderson feel important because he was able to drive out demons? Kyle only had to touch Mildred to know that she was still possessed. When Sophia refuses to allow Anderson to do another exorcism, the Reverend is forced to leave the Hummel figurine on her stoop. She was not a success story for him.


While Megan takes her frustration and anger out on the glasses she bought at the thrift shop, Kyle asks Anderson a very important question. “If you failed with Mildred, how do we know if Alison is cured?” Evil is spreading like a fungus and Sidney is the source. While Anderson and Kyle race to Alison’s home… e prepare for a battle between good and evil and right now…evil is winning.

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